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    First, thank you all for stopping in to check this out. hopefully i will be able to learn from this and maybe someone else will too. I have had 2 really decent harvests and both times my drying suffered my yield potency and taste.

    All in all drying and curing is just as important as the grow. I live in Colorado state and it seems like this time of the year its super dry. I have a room in my house i use for drying but we are gonna have to be creative i think.

    All i used with this was recycled material. I honestly enjoy making messes and trying to make stuff work so we shall see.

    The area im using is the corner of my extra room, everything is built into the room so we making th space work lol
    The cardboard wasnt the best its that preforated board. I cut it into strips about 26 inches long and made them into smaller framework pieces IMAG0032.jpg IMAG0034.jpg IMAG0036.jpg IMAG0037.jpg IMAG0038.jpg IMAG0041.jpg
    i have some larfy buds from the bottom of the closest to finishing plant in there drying now. well check them throughout this process and hopefully this space will work. i have a humidifier and a small fan. the room might stay a little hot sometimes though because it does get warm as sin here lately. IMAG0042.jpg
    gonna run the fan every hour and a half for 30 minutes This is trial and error for sure IMAG0044.jpg IMAG0035.jpg ok so we have a 2x4 drying space that hopefully over the next few weeks we will learn how to control and have a great environment for our harvest.
    here are some pics of the plants right now. Candy Dawg Autoflowers from Seed Stockers genetics. they were all started at the same time 2 are definitely different phenos than the 3rd. IMAG0048.jpg IMAG0049.jpg IMAG0051.jpg IMAG0052.jpg IMAG0053.jpg IMAG0055.jpg
    So this is where we are at. i will continue to update this thread when we get closer to pulling the plants and i will be trying to do a few DIY projects to help keep our drying space cool and correct.

    HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GOOD DAY thanks for checking it out.

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  2. I have high humidity un my house all the damn time and what I was told to do because of it was the triple 7 drying.
    Temps in the low 70s
    Humidity around 70
    And 7 days hanging
    Worked perfectly for me, today is day 7 and everything dried evenly and now is all in jars curing. I was worried about it being too wet to even think about a slow dry but these numbers worked out great. Good luck on harvest. I ended up just over a half pound dry weight from 2 plants. Shooting for double that next round.
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  3. Thanks for the tips..triple 7s sounds like good stuff 70 humidity is gonna be tough here where I live I think..I'm gonna do a bigger diy humidifier probably then..air pumps and 5 gallon buckets..then maybe because the heat during the day..I can creatively keep the water in the 5 gallon buckets cooler. Idk trial and error to keep it steady environment with little funding
  4. My grow is So Calif and between the temps and the very low humidity it's very easy to over dry.. Even a single day to long on the line can ruin it all..
    To keep the wife happy all my work is restricted to the garage so I get to be inventive at times.. If you search long enough you'll come across the 777 of curing .. This being the 7 days @ 70 degrees @ 70% humidity.. Works well if you have a temp and humidity controlled room.. We don't so we use jars to achieve the same ends..

    While I started in jars this soon proved impractical trying to unscrew all the jars over and over.. Some trial and error later I worked out a method to limit exposure to our stone dry air and still get things done in a timely way..

    I take the plant a branch at a time and trim close while seconds off the living plant.. All the leafs are standing tall and you don't get a better shot at trimming.. Hang..
    Depending on temp and humidity this stage can take from 24 hours to a week.. just hung bud is dead limp to the touch after 12 hours or so.... When the buds start to stiffen when slightly compressed I remove from the branches..
    And the buds get placed in cut down paper shopping bags about 3 inches tall..
    Next I place the bags in a air snug-tight container.. Mostly I use either an Ice Chest or a New unused Trash Can.. I try and size the container to the load.. You don't want 1 bag of buds in a trash can..
    While I did use several hygrometers early on for this stage I've since found I can do it all just by feel now.. Leave bags in can till limp to the touch again.. This first day that won't take very long. a couple of hours... Once limp remove from container and set bags out till stiff when compressed slightly.. I'll flip the contents of the bags to a third bag to get the lowest buds up on top.. I'll continue this rotation of the bags into and out of the container gradually spending less and less time exposed.. the last few days the bags will only be out an hour or so.. This takes me about 7 days..
    This is where I do use the Hygrometers.. The can is now acting like a large jar.. Your best readings come in the morning after the can has had 12 hours or more to stabilize and will tell you how much exposure your product will need that day.. Combined with a hygrometer telling me what is outside helps..
    A full can requiring a single meter as well as being able to get the product in and out rapidly made this a much more practical way at least in the extremely dry SW USA..

    Once the can has reached 65% and 7 to 10 days have elapsed It gets jarred in Half Gallon mason jars with a 62% Boveda 60 gram and I'm done.. 60 days minimum cure time for me.. Longer is better but you'll have a very respectable smoke in 2 months..

    Caution this may get you a large container of mold in a less dry area.. Just what I've worked out in my smoking hot and extremely dry garage..

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  5. Ya being I'm in Northern Upper Michigan it's just the opposite, temps at night is still in 40s, days are upper 70s and humidity has been everywhere, most times it's in the upper 70s to 80s inside, had a hell of a time running heaters and AC just to dry out one room to maintain 70 or so humidity. Took a minimum 5 days hanging just to start feeling crisp. 20190603_145403.jpg 20190608_085349.jpg
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  6. Ya. Seems every zone has a different requirements and setup to get a good even slow dry. Most of the high Humidity guys lay all the window screens out in the living room and run the AC to dry out the room. Cold and dry beats hot and humid any day.

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  7. This is good info I appreciate you sharing this .in dry environment like mine as well I'll be trying to do a paper bag style method maybe
  8. Anyone else wanting to share their drying methods please by all means!!! IMG_20190607_210626391.jpg
  9. Another so cal peep here. I used a 2x2x5 grow tent with 6 inch exhaust set to half power, small cold air humidifier, and a portable ac unit ducted into the tent. I had steady 70 degree temps and humidity at 50% with half wet trim buds ( only took large fan leaves off ) and they came out perfect after 7 days.

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    Whole plant hanging with some of the bottoms snipped off for better airflow

    5 gallon humidifier with a bucket and a air stone in the space..also have a storage container lined and gonna try to cut the buds off and do a 12/12 cure after a few days to slow it down

    If I had paper bags id use them but this thread is diy so really I'm gonna get some for the next plant well see with this one using what we got IMG_20190609_133805537.jpg IMG_20190609_133740606.jpg IMG_20190609_130338069.jpg IMG_20190609_134527703.jpg

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  11. After 36 hours of hanging in my house the whole plant buds are crunchy I put them in a container for 12 hours now they are clipped and hanging for this 12 hours.

    Leaving a little bit of the smaller stuff in the tub and I'll out a lid on it after the air 12 hours IMG_20190611_084037805.jpg IMG_20190611_084024994.jpg IMG_20190611_084012510.jpg
  12. Chopped the plant Sunday and posted things the next the buds have been off the plant for 5 days..the buds are getting crispy and some.of the smaller stems are snapping..the smell isn't there man it's a tough cookie to crack for me is keeping taste and smell fudge lol..but after 5 days drying and curing up we have 169 grams

    Learn learn learn received_311775859773344.jpeg IMG_20190613_135143697.jpg IMG_20190613_135243201.jpg
  13. Try paper bags. What I do / many I know do to slow down dry time. Just put all the bud in softly mix a bit every now an again. Works But “safe”..
    congrats again guy!

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  14. We have started the 2nd Candy dawgs harvest and this time the DIY space is a box IMG_20190622_112225029.jpg

    She is still flushing but i have her in darkness.. going to do a bud wash this time. my plants arent in a sealed environment and my dogs have hair everywhere lol ... i will have a video bud wash tutorial if anyone will be interested to see it afterwards
    IMG_20190622_205753745.jpg IMG_20190622_205807712.jpg

    Thanks for tuning in ill have more pictures posted of the box and all soon
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  15. Nice buddy :).
    Iv thought of washing bud, I’d love to see your methods. I’m not sure if I can or not because of seeds this grow though.

    But the dog hair.. I know your pain my friend !

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  16. I don't have a ton of experience but I think we have resourced a solid method..I'll just add the pictures and all to this thread..a link to the video will come later too!

    Hope your enjoying your day
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  17. If you wash the buds before hanging adding the extra moisture how much longer does that add to the drying time? Also what about powdery mildew control with all that extra moisture and the higher humidity ? Trying to picture what methods you will be doing. I will be staying tuned to see what you come up with.
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  18. whats up friend? hope your having a great day i am not sure, how long it will add to the dry time, so far we are a day after and they are moist still.. i have a big addition for this thread with pictures and all i have done..i will be adding them tonight!!
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    bud shot.jpg
    Today is an incredible day! i get to share my whole process with the community. So far we are 24 hours into the dry.

    Our box is a 30 inch deep 24 inch wide 5 feet 6 inch tall. inside we have a 5 gallon bucket with a little air pump pushing air creating a little moisture, a DIY humidifier.

    outhouse picture.jpg
    The box has cracks through the back of it. using cardboard and white plastic to line it i did my best to seal the cracks through it but left a spot for the fan. i actually didnt put the fan inside the box but in the spot in the back where the widest cracks are. at the top there is a vent forcing the air to actually travel up the box
    Fan Picture.jpg
    when i seal the front i can feel the air through the vent its very hoping this is a better airing system then my last setup. using what i have around the house to make it work

    washing the buds i clipped the major fan leaves off and some of the smaller ones so i knew i could get it clean in those tough to get to places.

    2-5 gallon buckets were then filled with 4 gallons tap water. then one with 4 gallons RO water. they are pretty cheap to fill where i live.
    The first bucket i filled with 1/4 cup natural lemon juice and 1/4 cup baking soda..i started to mix and it started to fiz not like a lot but a little bit
    bucket shot.jpg

    ok the goal is to dip and stir in the first bucket solution, dip and stir in the second bucket solution, then dip and drip in the third bucket. i did catch a short video doing this but i will have to post it later. the times i did this was really close to 15-25 seconds. the last bucket was just dip stir and pick it up.

    i have been checking every 12 hours for the bud moisture and they seem to be dissipating at a fair rate.
    temp 70-rh is surprisingly 50 at the moment i will have to come up with a few other things for the next few days as they dry.
    Vault seed stockers.jpg

    this is all trial and error but we shall see
    Final Picture.jpg

    Tomorrow we will check again and make sure we arent having issues but so far so good ill try and post an update for sure

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  20. Nice looking big ass nugs! Like the dyi dry box, using wood for the dry cure process should help it keep a more stable humidity rate. Curious if you checked your trichs under a microscope to see if their was any negative affects from the baking soda lemon wash? Hopefully not and if this works then damn im to try it. Currently had a plant get knocked over and still trying to pick out potting soil deep out of the buds.
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