DIY custom light enclosure for fluence spydr led

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  1. Hey everyone,

    So I have come to the point where I am ready to make a custom enclosure for my spydr 2p by fluence ( check it out if you havent seen it yet, pretty cool design). I love the light as its ideal to be about 6" from the top but I use a 5x5 shorty so I'm vertically limited. Last time I experienced some foxtailing and couldnt really do much about it as the light calls for Co2 to be used as well.

    The light itself measures 43" x 47". My enclosure design has me pointed in this direction. I would be using plexiglass for the top and bottom of the design. It will block uv as all glass types really do but I will add additional UV LEDs in the last few weeks of flower attached to this box I have in mind. I also will be suspending 4 growmouse fsr red LEDs in between the rails suspended by thin wire to "float" in the box and also get cooled as the air passes through.

    The spydr is about 2" in thickness and I intended to use round duct transitions on each end to push/pull air through. I am curious though if I should use 4" or 6" transition pieces. (I have included a pic of them).

    I found that I got a bit ahead of myself and am now curious as to what I should use for material for the 4 side walls. I thought about using pressure treated 4" width and .75" thickness as it will be in a 5x5 with rdwc so my mind gravitated towards the pressure treated but I also though about sheets of styrofoam and I could fiberglass it for the strength. I wouldnt bother with bondo and sanding as it's more about functionality than looks and I would like it to be as light weight as possible. I also need to mention the ballast is mounted remotely and not included in the enclosure.

    I'm open for thoughts and conversations and looking to build this upcoming weekend . Thanks everyone!

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  2. If anyone was curious ..I did complete it today :)

    3.5" pine all around (real nice and light) some boards for support and lexan plexi glass.. air come in the bottom front corner and exits rear top corner.. everything seems great. I managed to get the light to hover in between the glass so it will ha e air coming all around ...

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