DIY Copper perc bong!!

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  1. Hey so all materials were bought online for this guy at a pluming supply store.
    Used lead free solder and flux; was rather difficult to work with:devious:. Alas I am an electrican and not a plumber so please don't judge the solder joints. The Ts going into the larger pipe were difficult to seal with such a large gap. I think to dremmel them down so it forms a somewhat flush seal to the pipe would be buch cleaner. Also I would just use a 90 into the first chamber, rather then the U shape into the test cap. Test caps are super thin and soldering the tubing through the cap was more then difficult.
    Materials are:
    1.5" pipe
    1" tubing
    90 elbows
    Ts (to hold the downstem in place)

    Waiting till 4:20 to give her a test run!!!

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  2. That's cool man, I think Doc Brown used one of those to smoke out of in Back to the Future III!
  3. Hahaha! ya thanks man! maybe I should have it powered by veggi oil..... hmmm really steam punk a bong!
  4. yea bad idea man. the fumes that come off of copper piping will kill go do some research on google B4 lighting up

  5. THIS!!! ^^^

    dude you are gonna die. the vapes on copper are highly toxic.

  6. My initial reaction was is this safe? Apparently it may not be. Cool looking piece and definitely unique. If you had glass on copper it might be safe. and use a glass wand instead of flame. Let us know if you die.
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    Wooohhh ya calm down all!!!!

    I don't have a pic of it but there is a 14mm glass bowl going into a DS that is held into the copper with a rubber grommet. your hand heats the copper more then the joint....

    Thanks for looking out guys; but I'm not new to the RnD thing:rolleyes:

    Ok for thoes wondering how the human body and copper get along;
    Copper is one of the most abundant elements; found in our food, water and air, it is is a trace element that is essential for human health.

    However over exposure to fumes can cause "metal fever" For thoes of us who have had to weld EMT or galvanized parts are familiar with this, and will forever keep milk in the shop fridge.
    Industrial exposure to copper fumes, dusts, or mists may result in metal fume fever with atrophic changes in nasal mucous membranes. Chronic copper poisoning results in Wilson’s Disease, characterized by a hepatic cirrhosis, brain damage, demyelination, renal disease, and copper deposition in the cornea
    Ok that sounds shitty but this is not my daily toker.....

    Peace yall and keep sending suggestions!

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