DIY Cool-tube disaster...why?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by tris273, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. This debate belongs on someone else's thread. Still, my vote goes to CFL.

  2. you're insane man. im one of those people who actually live in their living-room, but i still need my bedroom space for working out and chilling and what-not...i love my plants to death but you're crazy, sacrificing your entire room hehe

    if i was a rich man id get an apt. with a room dedicated to weed growing, put a nice-sized AC there and grow a shitload of weed. the dark periods of flowering would be done not in a box but within a thin metal frame from which mylar or thick black cloth would be hung, so they could get their "darkness" right next to 24/7-vegged plants.

    but alas, i cannot afford to dedicate an entire room to weed, only a box. and turns out boxes love heat heh
  3. Wow all this tech talk.

    Seems to me the problem is its freaking hot where he lives.

  4. That's certainly a contributing factor. God bless CA...
  5. You are the perfect candidate for LED's. It's what I have to do in the summer time because of the heat.
  6. You could also look into T-5 HO lighting if you want to get rid of the HID's

  7. Once I get the $$$ to experiment with LED's, I will be! :hello::hello::hello: Can you imagine an entire wall of LED lights? 500W of pure LED light in the right PAR range.....nom nom nom nom :smoke:
  8. everyone was so generous with their comments that i feel obligated to provide an update.

    my growshop traded me a 400w ballast + bulb for my 600w ballast, so im working with the 400w now.

    winter has begun, and that + flipping the lighting schedule + the 400 instead of 600 have gotten me down to 80f with the box open, 86f with the box closed.

    i also distanced the lamp to a little over 1.5ft from the canopy.

    my buds are looking healthy, trichome development seems OK! definately seeing improvements - now all i gotta do is wait another few weeks and see if the bud gets me high.

    im almost ashamed to admit it but all the bud ive grown until now, i've basically thrown away. it looks like weed, it smells and tastes like weed, but i guess the heat completely baked the trichomes - none of the weed ive grown has ever gotten me high :( :( :(

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