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  1. Just finished building a control box for all the lighting (and more) in my bloom area.
    It started with looking for a 2 channel timer to run the main bloom lights and far reds on a single clock with two seperate programs (so not to have to deal with them being on two timers that will eventually fall out of sync).

    I found this 2 channel Din-rail timer:
    2 Channels Big LCD Display Programmable 24hrs Time Clock with Two Relay Outputs

    Together with 3 more single channel timers from amazon, a metal electric box, a junction box, a couple of 35mm din rail strips, some wires and Wagos.
    The dual channel timer is on the far right. I also got a 24v 0.63Amp din-rail meanwell driver to power the far red strips (top left)


    I epoxied a couple of wall outlets on the sides of the box which got connected to the main flower timer (channel 1) and timer #5 which I am using to operate the pump that fills my blumat water reservoir. The other timers are for UV and one extra which I'm not using ATM.

    Aside from the two outlets the rest of the loads connect from inside the box via Wagos. I epoxied some rubber on the inside and cut an X over each hole for the wires to come in through

    That's it. Pretty simple project but it really cleaned up the whole electric situation I had going on.
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  2. Nice work, looks great
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  3. Nice
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  4. Would you mind sharing your flowering light schedule with me, I'm going to start flowering with the far red initiator in a couple weeks.
  5. I run the main lights 13on/11off, the far red come on together with the mains and turn off 5 minutes after the mains go dark.
    I went with 13/11 so kinda in the middle between 12/12 and 13.5/10.5. This is my first try with FR so I dont know whats really optimal yet.
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  6. So you're running the far red the entire lights on plus 5 minutes?
  7. Correct
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  8. Dude!! That looks great! This looks well thought out, and keeping it encapsulated in the box

    I like the little meanwell driver. looks like a nice solution instead of using a wall wort.

    That’s a lot of wagos lol! I bet that made troubleshooting wiring a breeze though!
  9. Thanks!
    In hindsight a bigger box would have been easier to work with. This was a 10"x10" box and although everything fit I think a 12"x12" box would have been nicer to work with. Yea love thse Wago connectors, they really make working on these kind of projects a breeze as you can easily connect and disconnect them as needed. So easy in fact that I didnt even bother to use waterproof cable connectors like I did on my first light since it's so much easier to just connect everything to the Wago and I dont have to solder connectors every time I change a light or a driver.
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  10. I’ve had some growing pains using the waterproof connectors I went with.

    I’m reassessing my initial design, in favor of a larger project box that keeps everything nice and tidy.

    I’ve ran down a lot of rabbit holes with leds so far

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