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  1. What's up GC. I really want to make a diy cob light setup one for veg and one for flower. My question is what are the best cobs for both veg & flower? Also what driver would I need. I'm planning on a small grow, a two light veg and a two light flower. Any and all information is appreciated. Where and what to buy.
  2. Get some autos and use one setup.
  3. Rapid led has the best small scale low priced cob kits around. They sell a 3 cob vero29 kit with everything you need for $220. You can get a 10% discount on your first order too. 4k would be best spectrum for dual purpose veg and bloom. 5k for dedicated veg 3k or 2700k for dedicated bloom. Buy the 2100a series driver and you'll have a maximum potential output of 265 watts. The a series has a built in dimmer pot on the driver you can turn with a small screwdriver to dim the light to the output that your setup can tolerate.

    The recommended bloom coverage for it is 2x3. Two of them can smash a 3x3 tent or do pretty well in a 4x4.
    VERO29 Triple COB Array Kit

    I would possibly get 3 lights. One 5k for your veg side and 2 in 3k for your bloom side. The veg side light can probably be ran dimmed way down.
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  4. Thank that's some good info. I'll definitely check that out. I wouldn't mind building one from scratch to save money. I'm a stay at home dad and I don't like spending a lot on myself. So a full diy setup is hopefully cheaper. Do you know where to get the cob's and drivers cheaper?
  5. Rapid is a good place to shop for both kits and parts. On their driver page it will tell you in the specs tab what it will drive. Cobkits, timber, cutter, digikey and mouser (a lot more I am sure) all have parts.

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