DIY co2 generator , thoughts ?

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  1. So today I made a co2 generator using sugar and brewers yeast , run to the back of a 10cm fan blowing over my girl , do these things actually do n e thing ? My thoughts are that the extraction fan would suck it out faster than the fan can blow it around , I may be wrong , any info would be appreciated [​IMG]

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  2. [​IMG]

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  3. I tried this in the beginnings. Didn't last long... it will put out a small amount of co2 but there's a lot of other crap the chemical reaction creates that I didn't want my plants to breathe. It also started to smell funny. Last, it was expensive in the long run. They will infuse co2 about +100 or 200. This increase will not make much of a difference. I never bought a test to actually test how much it puts off, but a excellent grower in my area, told me they are almost useless.

    Just do it the right way, and get a tank, regulator and monitor or timer. Then your plants can breathe pure co2 and 1500ppm worth.

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  4. a living soil will also put out CO2. probably not as much as a tank tough.
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  5. All I have done with this soil is use bagged mix , 5 in 1 compost , perlite 1:3 , gonna top dress with blood meal for veg , and bat guano for flower , is it recommended to add potash aswell u think ? I have a soil I made cooking , only been 2 weeks though ! It has peat , and compost 1:1 will add perlite and vermiculite later before potting , I've added blood meal , and bat guano , gotta order worm castings , can't get them local where I am . Also added seasol liquid seaweed , manutec trace elements ( only thing not organic ) , plan to use it in the bottom 1/3 of my pots a a super soil bed and the rest just an organic potting mix , any suggestions at all ??

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  6. These little homemade fermentation jobbies are not worth the effort. They stink,and if your grow tent is in your room,you will be tasting that shit at the back of your throat all night as you can't sleep due to headaches.Good extraction and circulation is better than these bubbles.(or get a proper system, like your man says)

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  7. i can recommend that you follow the soil recipe in the soil for beginners thread. a good soil will take you from seedling to harvest. get yourself some neem and kelp meals and add 1cup per CF of each.
  8. Don't waste your time. Instead concentrate on constructing a quality soil made from quality components.

    CO2 *may* help - once you have every single other base covered, your lighting and ventilation exactly where it should be, temperature and humidity ideal, your soil dialed in and you're positive that there's nothing else you can do.

    It also might help if you were using real equipment and not a stinky homemade deal.

    Work on that soil first and foremost. Base that soil on high quality compost and veicompost. Make sure it drains well. Use basalt or granite dust, kelp, neem. It's a soil like this that will give you the vigorous and healthy growth you're looking for.

    Good luck

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  9. Struggling to find these things here in Australia , the compost I use is a 5 in 1 , contains blood and bone , Cow manure , sheep manure , fowl manure , mushroom compost , potash bloom booster , fish and kelp , rock minerals and zeolite , does this sound decent ? I have mixed it 1:1 with peat moss and added dolomite lime to balance the ph to 6.5 , I added high phos bat guano 0-15-0-0 and blood meal 14-0-0-0 , was gonna add potash 0-0-47-14 aswell? Topped with a sugarcane mulch for moisture retension , all natural organic sources I have read the beginners soil guide and A lot of these things arnt availiable in AUS , this is the best I could come up with as of today , any guidance here would be appreciated ??? Is it enough do u think ?? I will add 1:3 perlite and a couple of cups of vermiculite before potting ..

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    I thought sugar and brewers yeast was the shit when i was a new grower until a buddy of mine with a co2 meter and a real co2 grow showed me what a waste it was. I made 2 big batches with brewers yeast and sugar, put them in a small sealed room in a small tent. No exhaust. With exhaust running its sucking what little co2 that is being produced right out if the grow. Co2 grows are done in sealed environments to avoid this. However then you really must have youre environment in check so temps dont get too high. Co2 may allow somewhat higher temps but it cant get stupid high. At the peak it managed to raise the ppm about 200 but that was only for a very short period of time when the yeast was most active. It tapered off very quickly. Too fast. Un-supplemented air is around 400ppm, my brewers yeast experiment raised it to around 600. Too bad it takes 1200-1500 ppm continually at least for a plant to benifit.

    Also you need large lights for your plants to benefit from the extra co2. Without it you're really wasting your time

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  11. Those homemade co2 things are a mess and they can attract bugs...

    IMO there is more than enough co2 in the air as it is, if you really want an extra boost then bring in fresh air from outside, but I doubt it'll make a difference

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  12. If you're not running 1000 watt hps you aren't doing much with co2

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  13. I did some calculations. 20 grams calcium carbonate and 40 grams citric acid will raise ppm by 1000pmm in a 10 cubic meter sealed grow room.
  14. This thread is 4 years old! How much water is needed for the reaction? How long will it maintain the 1000ppm?

    If I were to muck with CO2 in a small grow I would probably choose oyster mushrooms. Probably for the benefits of eating them and for mulch/compost more than the CO2 aspect.
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  15. As I one off reaction will raise by 1000ppm, will get lower from there on. Need enough water to dissolve citric acid completely before adding to carbonate.
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  16. my grow space is ~400 cf and i have a co2 monitor. my constant avg co2 is 400+ ppm. i can sit in my grow room for 15-20 mins and the co2 alarm starts pinging at 1000 ppm. i've silenced it in the past and driven the ppm to 1200 just by continuing to sit in the grow room. and this includes the fans cycling on and off.

    lesson learned: spend more time in your grow space with your plants.
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