DIY Cloning/Sexing lamp!

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  1. Basically this is two quarters of a qb288v2 (3000k) that I mounted on some leftover angle beams, and one qb3 FR strip in the middle. The FR is to help with sexing clones and for when I do mini solo cup seed runs. The main board is running on a meanwell APC-25-500 (25W 500mA) hopefully that will be soft enough for cloning with.

    IMG_4985.jpg IMG_4987.jpg

    It aint pretty and I know its a bit crooked, not OCD enough to drill new holes to fix it :bolt:

    IMG_4992.jpg IMG_4993.jpg
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  2. Nice use of space parts!
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  3. Why would you need to sex clones?

    FR help with rooting? I have some FR pucks that I am not sure what to do with since I’m not flowering with that setup anymore. Wondering if there is a way to use them in veg?
  4. I grow regular (non feminized) plants so sexing clones allows me to find out the sex of a plant, which I keep a s mother and only flower clones from.
    The FR is just for sexing clones and for flowering seed runs (I do a mini seed run in my cloning chamber with clones in nursery pots).
    I don’t use it for veg.
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  5. Got ya. Your mothers don’t show sex before clones?
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  6. Rarely

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, MY opinion, man.
  7. lol what?

    Anyways that’s cool tho. I like it, just surprised mothers don’t show sex before clones.
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  8. From all the moms i kept only a couple would throw preflowers under 18/6 most wouldn’t.

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, MY opinion, man.

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