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    No stores around here carry a pollen press so I decided to make a quick solution. Needed:
    1 - 1/2 inch female x female PVC slipxslip connector (available at Home Depot Lowes, etc in the sprinkler dept) $.50
    2 -nickles....$.10
    Something to push with ..

    A nickle fits perfectly inside a 1/2 inch pvc connector!
    The PVC connector above has a little shelf like stop in the middle
    Place a nickle inside the connector. The stop will keep it in place.
    Now put your weed inside and then put the other nickle on top of your weed.
    Now take an object to push inside the tube with. I used a nut driver.
    Now push away as hard as you can. You can use a hammer if desired.
    Turn the tube over and put the pusher in at the other end. OUT comes a nickle sized puck. I am now able to Rosin Press double the amount I did before! :)
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  2. I'd love to see a video of it
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    Love to but I have enough trouble just getting a decent photo with my Iphone. DSLR is in the shop for cleaning!
    Check these out...should give you the idea. This is a 1 gram puck as in the photo..ready to Rosin Press. My press only has 2.5" plates (see photos above) and the puck is great!

    PVC Connector.jpg Scale.jpg
    Stash picture below is about 1.5 grams of kick ass Rosin!:) Notice how the comparison coin went from a nickle to a quarter!
    And then I dabbed a little!

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  4. Thanks. I'm going to have to give it a try
  5. Why not...For me it was a visit to my own sprinkler spare parts box and nickles were easy!
    Plz post your own results...Are you using a press. straightener or just storage?
  6. Not using anything at the moment. Just my own bud
  7. My own progression went like this...All since Nov, 2016. Strictly flower after a 30 yr abstinence-->30 days later, curiosity got me; bought a disposable oil pen-->15 days later converted a rig to a dab rig and bought a wax concentrate -->Bought a Hair straightener and began the rosin press adventure-->Purchased a Chinese Rosin press and the rest you know.
  8. Looks like a good idea with promising results.
    For those not hardware store friendly or just want to cut to the chase, I have found some decent ones on Ebay starting at about $7.

    pollen press | eBay

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