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    So I've been using a lot of CFLs and came up with a VERY cheap and amazingly effective DIY reflector (THIS WILL HAVE TO BE MODIFIED IF YOU ARE USING LIGHTS OVER 30W). The pictures show 2 of them next to each other with a 28W 5000k in each.

    light socket
    CFL bulb
    Party cup!

    This really only requires one step, cutting the hole in the bottom of the cup.
    Cut a circular hole that is big enough to fit the light base through so that the bottom of the cup sits on the bulb's plastic ballast. As long as the cup doesn't touch the light itself it will not melt so when it's all set up just take a second to assure that it's hanging down straight. The ballast itself gets hot on these things though so the cup might warp a bit, which doesn't bother me a bit as long as the cups aren't melting. If you're using 42w CFLS you'll have to cut a much bigger hole and superglue the cup to the light's ballast in a position where it doesn't touch the bulb.

    I also put a couple pieces of packaging tape over the cup's opening so that I can lower the lights to within an inch of the young leaves and have no worries whatsoever about them reaching up to touch the light, they just reach up to the tape and get crazy amounts of light!

    I rig up a couple to each plug and this could easily be replicated to create a 4x4 or bigger grid of these things that's just insanely bright. I can't even describe how much light these focus STRAIGHT DOWN, try it! Taking a reading near the top leaves of the clone pictured maxed out my analog light meter.

    Enjoy :smoke:
  2. Nice , but.... Side of the bulb has bigger surface than the end of the bulb,bigger surface = more light. If you cut those cups on half and place the lights sideways your plant get more light.
  3. Funny that you mention that, this is my very first CFL setup:
  4. Very cool DIY!

    Also, Stars is AMAZING. You have great taste in music Prof! (to be honest, your avatar is what caught my attention first =p)
  5. this is definently this most creative diy in my opinion.will have to try

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