DIY cfl lighting unit

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    Hey all,
    heres some pics of my lighting rig.




    I give credit to the spark on GC that posted pics of his plastic 1/2in pipe lighting rig.
    That was really my influence. Mines a bit more expensive than his design to build because of the power strips.

    -1 2x4. But you can use a 2x2 also. Just fab a way to attatch the power strips. $3
    -5 6 outlet power strips. $3.37 at walmart
    -12 screw in bulb plug in power outlet units. $0.97
    -12 cfl bulbs
    -zipties to attatch the power strips to wood. ( I drilled holes nearly the width of power strips and threaded the zipties through) $4.50 at Lowes

    * The lighting rig in the pics is hung from a clothing bar in my closet. There is a small loop of rope on the bar, and a hook hooked to it and I've got 2 1/2 feet of chain attatched to it. This allows the light rig to be raised in increments of as little as 1in.
  2. That's great.....thanks for the pictures.....totally gave me a few good ideas...:hello:
  3. yea this is a really good lighting mechanism
  4. nice abs!
  5. THX, but those arent actually MY abs. I am working on it though.
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    Hey GC, this rig is awseome!! It's clean looking, does what its intended purpose is very well and you can flip it lengthwise when your plants are big enough too.

    And did I mention strong................just look at the darn thing!

    Im not growing marijuana with it though. Just got caught up lurking GC so much lately that I felt I had to contribute. Give something back to the community.
  7. Wow! This seems to be a fantastic idea. I personally like it better than all the hard wiring and PVC ones out there. Not that I don't give credit to the ones before that inspire good ideas like this, I'm just saying I like it. Actually, I like your set-up so much, I'm going to make something very similar but tweaked for the cabinet I just acquired. Thanks a lot =)
  8. Hey man nice lights but where did you get those "screw in bulb plug in power outlet units"
    at??? I've been looking for those everywhere!!!

  9. They sell those at Home Depot/Lowes

  10. What do THEY call them?
  11. Good lookin light rig man. This is awesome cause it could be raised and lowered to the needed height or could also be used for supplemental lighting on the sides of a plant to get some light to those lower bud sites:D ......and why aren't you growing marijuana with it??? haha

  12. usually they r called outlet to socket adapters,, if your in lowes or home depot they are usually in the section with the twin socket adapters (or Y splitters) or with any of the light sockets. they cost about $2.50 each,, very cheap pieces... hope this helps
  13. so how many watts is all that?

  14. Very cool, thanks. Unfortunately I'm not in the USA, but no doubt they get called something similar over here (assuming they are legal).
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    Nice little rig but... isn't it dangerous to hook up power extensions INTO each other therefore increasing the amperage (amount of electricity) in the final extension possibly past it's safe requirements?

    Cord 1 - Cord 2 - Cord 3

    Lets say cord 2 and 3 have 4 lamps at 26 watts each thats 104 watts in each cord so cord 1 which both cord 2 and 3 are connected to is taking the full brunt of both cords bringing it's load to 208 watts plus the "Theoretical" lets say 3 26 watters (3 instead of 4 to keep an outlet open and for sake of example) so thats another 78 Watts of juice flowing through cord 1 including it's 208 watt payload from cord 2 and 3. Get what I am saying? thats 286 watts I think flowing through cord 1.

    Edit: (I feel stupid and you did a better job than I had thought very well done)

    Now that I have examined your rig a little closer I see that you have a CORD 4 which takes the brunt of the payload cord 4 do you know how much juice you can run through that sucker safely?
  16. I bought mine for .97 at Wal-Mart.
  17. I've got (cough cough) a muther fucker of an alcohol problem right now. I cant risk getting pissy drunk around my apt., go into a rage and have the piggies show up and arrest me for cultivation.

  18. You sure it's RMS? Because that makes it ~2550W peak. Over here it's 240V (peak) @ 10A (=2400W peak load).
    Make very sure you know what you are doing, for your own sake and the sake of people who follow your advice.
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  20. those links aren't working (too many http's), here:

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