DIY Carbon Shop Vac Filter

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    Shopping List:
    1 6" Starter "Collar" - $4.48
    1 Shop-Vac Filter Replacement Cartridge - "Canister" $9.99
    1 Half Gallon of Activated "Carbon" - $10.00
    1 Square Foot of "Screen" - $8.00
    Total: $35

    Not included in price estimate: 69 inches of duct tape.
    If using Stiffened Fabric, might also require the use of sewing needles or glue to form cone or more duct tape.

    Step 1. Cut a Circle out of approximately 1 square foot of your chosen "Screen". Cut a slit toward the center of the Circle (DO NOT cut the slit longer than the radius of your circle). Then Fold to create Cone and affix to "Collar" with Duct Tape.
    (Cone Can be placed upside down into the collar for reverse airflow. Requires more carbon.)

    Step 2. Insert Male End of "Collar+Cone" assembly into Female End of Shop-Vac "Canister" and Seal with Duct Tape

    Step 3. Remove Cover on "Canister". Fill "Canister" with "Carbon". Cover. Then Seal with Duct Tape.

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  2. nice work mate, i like the design.. what sort of fan are you running? i'd set it up in the 'reverse flow' format.. as i understand, it's best (for flow) to minimise any restrictions on the outlet of an exhaust fan by putting all the restrictions before it, on the inlet.. cheers
  3. The shop vac carbon filter is for small ops, a booster fan will work even work with it and not burn out. But a regular 4" inline is probably recommended. I even like the idea of using carbon filter fabric to make a drum style screen over the collar.
  4. cool , ide reverse it as well like what tropic high said

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