DIY calmag?

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    Is there any reason i can't or shouldn't mix calcium nitrate with water so i have an easy supplement on hand to give me plants? Kind of annoying crushing granules and mixing them in every time i add calcium. Could i do the same with Epsom salt? What about both in the same bottle?

    I have been upping calcium and magnesium by usually 20 - 30ppm, which is a little hard to get consistent so if i can make a litre of low ish strength stuff i could work out a standard rate, rather than just guessing with a tiny tiny amount when i make up a 2 litre solution

  2. that sounds like a good idea, just instead of mixing both the epson salt and the calcium nitrate on one bottle, make a two bottles with one kind of solution each that way you dont get the cal:mag ratio unbalanced.
  3. Yeah i just wonder how long i can keep it? The calcium itself i imagine would be fine but how long until the water turns to shit or algae comes to town or something..

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