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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by l3lacktear, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Hey blades, so im going to be constructing 2 separate cabinets next week on my vaca! So I was gonna just build one single dual chamber cabinet, but then I had the thought why not make them separate makes them look a little less noticeable and I could move them into different rooms if i wanted....anyhow so I think ive got the flower cabinet figured out so i wanna make it 5' high, 2.5' wide and 2.5' deep. Im gonna use a 400w hps cooltube light and soil grow my first couple rounds. Anyone have suggestions on a good fan that will move that hot air out, but still be pretty quiet? Lol I once went with a cheap 30 dollar bathroom fan from HD, ugh never again! It was so freakin loud....
    My last question is about the veg chamber, i want it to be big enough for a mother plant or 2 and a couple clones. I have a 2ft t5 6500k light for the veg chamber. Maybe 3 or 4' high, 2.5' deep and 3 or 4 feet wide? Any help would be freakin awesome! Have a chill Sunday blades.
  2. I would break up the veg chamber even further that way you can do a perpetual grow?

    Have a mother/clone chamber and separate veg chamber then your flower cabinet
  3. How big do you think i should make each box if i did decide to go that route? Would it really make a difference splitting it into 2 veg chambers?
  4. Mother's and clones on 24 hour light

    Veg on 18/6

    And size I would do 2x2x4 each or maybe 2x2x4 veg and 2x3x4 mother/clone
  5. Cool man, thanks alot for your advice! :)
  6. I'm looking at building a cab for veg myself, I use tents for flowering but only because it's way easier to smellproof a good quality tent. I was thinking about doing 3x5x5 or 4x4x5 cabinet, however mine I'll just be building out of 2x2s and some mylar/panda film.

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