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DIY Bong

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by BigMykeV, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. anyone got plans for a homemade bong, im sick of my little metal pipe and im waiting til i get back to college to buy a real one.
  2. There are plenty of guides on grasscity, just search for them.
  3. Its so easy to make a homemade bong. Try google I mean it could be as simple as a water bottle with a hole and a pen tube with a socket too a glass vase with a glass downstem and a glass slide and everything. I mean I dont see how hard it is too think off your own bong design.
  4. I don't think there are really any "plans" out there. Look around your house and get creative. I use a 20oz bottle with a metal pen tube and foil to make the bowl when I'm in a pinch. Just experiment.:smoking:
  5. except dont use tin foil in any smoking devices. It can cause alzheimers.

  6. False.
  7. its all about using ur head...i kno some kids who will make a bong out of absolutely nothin its incredible.''

    just gotta look around for some suitable glass and get the right equipment..roors and illys are nice but theres nothin better than ripping a bong you made yourself and spending the cash saved on more green.
  8. For the bong, search your house for a suitable bottle. Maybe go to the store if you dont have anything.

    You want something kind of durable, like a gatorade or vitamin water. A water bottle isn't ideal because the part you drink from is so small you would have a hard time putting your face in it.

    So you got the bottle.

    Now you need a bowl / downstem. I use a glass funnel and its great. You probably wont be as lucky as me to find that. So you might have to usea socket. Does your metal pipe come apart? Take the bowl piece, and find a glass or metal tube to be the downstem and attach the bowl in one end of the downstem. I use electrical tape for the next part, seal off any air leaks and make sure the tape is not going to be in contact with the flame or burning buds.

    Burn a hole in the bottle about 3 or more inches from the bottom, dont make it to big, as the downstem needs to go there. Slide the downstem in, if its not airtight no problem, take the electrical tape and wrap it around the downstem where it meets the whole. You also need to burn a carb in the bottle, i usually do it like an inch down from the drinking part of the bottle, on the same side of the bottle as the other whole. That way you can tip the bong back without water spilling on you.

  9. be creative...

    turn this stuff....

    ....into these


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