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DIY ballast kits, good or no?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Epic Blue, May 30, 2009.

  1. I am on a strict budget but I want to upgrade from cfls to an hps setup. I don't have much $, so the 400 watt "build it your self" ballast kit on htg supply looked tempting, though I would need to find some sort of case for it... DO you think this is a good purchase, or should I get a 150 watt hps to supplement my cfl's for flowering? my budget on this like is around 100$ so I don't really have any other options... Thanks guys!
  2. im going to revive this, i hope, because i have the same question:wave: *edit* except im intrested in the 400w kit, they dont have a 600w kit :( maybe a 600w bulb in their 1000w kit?
  3. IMO your better off buying the HTG 400 watt light for $120. You'll probably end up paying more then that building it yourself anyway after you buy a housing for the ballast, a reflector, and a bulb.

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