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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ZEEZYD413, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Hello everybody, im new to the community and I wanted to share my ideas on set and forget auto-feeding. Here are a few pictures with a diagram.

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  2. Ive been using the system but im running into problems with ph and nutrient deficiency. 20190811_145215.jpg received_329104217752379.jpeg

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  3. That's a sweet setup. The problem I see is that plants, especially when young are easy to over water. You really have to watch them and water according to size of pot/ plant and the temp. Once they are big and the weather is relatively consistent it would be sweet. But, until they get bigger I'd just watch and water. You know?

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    Looks good. Top dress with a good organic fertilizer. I run a similar set up. But I use drip tube with emitters so I know exactly how much water I put down. I run a Hunter Bluetooth smart timer, 25 psi pressure regulator/filter combo and use .9 gph drip tube.

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  5. 20190812_111336.jpg
    Here are some more recent pictures. 20190812_111416.jpg
  6. well done!!!
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  7. Thanks. They got a little bigger...

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  8. Im actually just using fox farm nutes. Im 2 weeks into force flowering using tiger bloom as much as possible trying to give it 12 on 12 off by covering it daily with a pop up tent. 20190812_115342.jpg 20190812_161306.jpg
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  9. Do you think i could benefit from this to help my ph during flowering? I am currently using unfiltered tap water (as shown above). Screenshot_20190812-223450_Amazon Shopping.jpg
  10. I don’t think it will help with your PH, add some ph up or down to your fertilizer injector

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  12. please tell me more about the fert set up.
    do you buy the bottle of ff and just screw it on to dispenser or is there mixing? Does it clog the emitters at all? How long does that bottle last. Was the bottle plug in play or does it need some adaptation work? what kind of watering schedule are you running? TIA.

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