DIY Air Cooled Reflector Question?

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  1. Can I use a prismatic plastic light cover instead of a piece of glass to cover my 400 watt MH light so that I can vent it or will the heat be too much? I'm having heat issues BAD and Im on a budget. Any info will help! Thanks!

  2. For those of you that don't know what that is, its one of those thick plastic covers you see over fluorescent lights. Anybody?
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    I don't think that's a good idea, the HID lights put out a lot of heat, that why they use tempered glass in the reflectors. If you have the money go find yourself a glass shop in town and have them cut you a piece, they might even be able to drill holes for you. Or you can buy a diamond tipped drill bit at the hardware store and drill your own holes, just take your time with it. Honestly it sounds like to need more cool air coming in and hot air exiting your grow room. If you can afford some dryer vent hose and a small inline fan of some sort you might be able to get enough heat out of the lamp to keep the temp down a bit, Im using a 1k MH is a grow area 9x9 and it keeps the temp at a steady 74 degrees and about 78-80 right at the top of the canopy.
  4. Thanks for the advice! Thats kinda what I was thinking. I bought a 6 inch inline can fan yesterday. Im going to try that without covering the light first and see if that works. Hate to lose those lumens! :)
  5. Have the duct fan pull air through the lamp. I dont think you will have a problem long as your grow room temps are not super high.
  6. I say ditch the plastic cover idea. Those HID's pump out some serious heat. You put that kind of plastic in front of it, its just a catastrophie waiting to happen. Just my two cents. stay:smoking:
  7. Hook the fan up today with it pulling air across the bulb and exhausting the closet. Temps cruising at 78 now.:hello: Thanks Guys!

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