DIY A.C. for my grow when I lived in south FL. [emoji29][emoji27]

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  1. If you have high tent temps, n access to a central duct by ur tent...

    I saw a shoebox... I thought that would fit very well over my central AC duct.. I taped it up there, so it was as tight as could be, cut a 6" hole in the shoe box, fed the 6" duct connected to a 4" can fan to pull in some of the AC, to the shoe box. So shoe box>sucked through the intake w help of a 4" fan>pumped right into intake port... [​IMG]

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  2. +1 for the treadsafe shoe ac vent coupler lol. Looks ghetto af but effective! :love-m3j:
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    You have no idea it kept that tent a frosty 72⁰ the whole time I would have to turn it off sometimes because it would literally be so chilly but I had a big platinum LED. P300 @ the time.. Threw a couple 3500k CFLs in there during bloom. N yup always been in the restaurant industry. Im a waiter now. Goood .. 2x2 tent this was.. When I get back from Las Vegas on the 28th I will be setting up my five-by-five tent.. After a lot of different changing up of the Amazon shopping cart, this know what I need.. locally at a hydro store i can get the rest.. Ordering soil online is so expensive.. Plus I have somebody that can get me bulk live soil.. I probably cycled through about 6 different LED lights but I finally decided on this because the reviews were great and it seems to have a little bit of deep red and IR. Samsung n osram doodes.. plus I have some extra Cree cobs n 315w watt monochrome ledgle spec tuner led w IR n UV.. I'll post that in the last pic.. Oh and I'm getting A55510 to because Have to extra LED wattage And I prefer having a 4 by 4 scrog in a 5 by 5 tent.. those one is 30$ more n has dedicated IR n UV diodes. Damnn Screenshot_20230105_003105_Amazon Shopping.jpg Screenshot_20230105_003114_Amazon Shopping.jpg 16729027559473680531101208720061.jpg