DIY 6" inline fan mufflers?

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  1. Do the mufflers they sell for inline fans like this work well? Well enough to be worth $75?
    Is it possible to make one at home for less than $75?
    Any ideas?

  2. You should be able to go to the hardware store and make something similar.

    All that is, is a 2 foot section of 8" galvanized ducting with a 6" flange/connecter attached to each end, and some sound deadening material wrapped around the inside.

    Theoretically... you could make this out of any tube big enough to attach the flanges to.

    Say..... a few coffee cans in a row and creatively duct taped...... Really easy
  3. I second that. Those silencers are a waste of money. head over to home depot with a 20 dollar bill and a printout of that picture (of the silencer) and just shove it in an employyees face and say "EEEHHH" and he'll find all teh supplies for you. do it high too, it'll be an even better expirience for both you and the employee.
  4. lol... Good post.

    I don't think $20 would be enough unfortunately, but you'll definitely come in under $50. If you choose to use coffee cans, much cheaper.
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    Actually I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to venture out into public when I'm baked, but not a bad idea trying to make one as I possibly insinuated in the first place.

    My thinking has gone the way of the bucket.
    I am building my own muffler in style from a cheap ass home depot bucket and lid.
    I refuse to use duct tape though. lol Gotta make it look good and work solid for good.
    I need a few more parts to make it work right.
    Putting a hole in both ends of a bucket and installing on your fan doesn't exactly work.

    I have a friend who has some special foam for sound insulation for me and I need to fabricate one more piece or possible even two, to get the muffler sound dampening action working right.

    I have taken pictures of my progress along the way. When I get the rest of the parts working/together I'll post my home made bucket muffler pictures for you guys to see.

    I don't know what the real mufflers actually consist of inside to be 100% certain but I know how a real muffler works and can imitate such a design in a bucket for a 6" duct fan.

    To be continued...

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  6. how u get on wit the muffler bro? Letme see some finished pics :p
  7. hey there.

    I think you could easily make a cheapo version of the inline duct muffler floating around the internet (

    by getting two duct reducers (8" to 6") at home depot, lowe's, etc. and using a piece of carpet wrapped at 8" instead of buying the home depot clampable duct. Next, line the carpet with that mattress foam stuff (easy to find on craigsilst)

    Attach the reducers to the carpet and fasten both ends of the carpet together at the "seam." The reducers will connect with the fan on one side and your 6" ducting on the other.

    Hope I've been of help

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