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    Hello there everyone! I'm still hard at work on my power supply and battery project, but last night my expensive ecig died on me, leaving me with only my modded ThermoVape to use with my 510 threaded attachments. For me, variable voltage is an absolute must though, and even with a 3.7v battery my thermovape is getting way too hot for my clearomizers.
    So out of necessity, and bit out of the fun of it (vape shop less than 20 minutes away lol), I decided to try to DIY my way out having to buy a new unit. I am very, very happy with the results! If this thing holds up I don't think I'll ever need to by another battery again. It's variable voltage from 1.2 - 8v, and has 6000mAh of battery life if I run it around 3.7 the whole time.
    I have not measured the output current but it was able to run my 6v Rev with no sweat, so I imagine it is fairly beefy. The board I'm using has a constant output power of 20W. Here it is beside my modified ThermoVape battery handle for scale:
    Here are all of the supplies I needed.
    From top left to bottom right:
    • 2 x NCR18650B Li-Ion Cells (You can substitute with pretty much any Li battery)
    • LM2596 Reference Board with LCD and Pot (Generic, lots of different types. Most will work)
    • 8A Push Button (You can use less, but overrate by at least 20% of your output current)
    • SM157 6A 2 Cell Li-Ion Protection Circuit (Any 2S Li-Ion protection pack will work)
    • 510-510 Extender (or anywhere else you can salvage a 510 receptacle)
    • 12A Throw Switch (Same deal as the push button)
    • 2 x 18650 Holders (Again, substitute to whatever fits your chosen batteries)
    I made a quick schematic of the way the electronic components are laid out if your interested in making one for yourself:
    If there's enough interest I could make a little guide on how to build one. But I want to see how well it works for the next week or so. For now, here's a video.


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