Divorce to be illegal in California?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chiefton8, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Some overzealous religious nut jobs are trying to make a ballot initiative called the Marriage Protection Act of 2010 that makes divorce illegal in California. That would mean that you could never divorce, ever. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say this is an 11 on the fucked up-o-meter.

    This way, when two people grow apart the only way to "dissolve" a marriage is to murder each other. Brilliant isn't it? Preventing these types of ideas from becoming law is EXACTLY why our Constitution strictly ensures the separation of Church and State.

    2010 California Marriage Protection Act | Safeguarding marriage from the evils of divorce
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    They're just taking Wanda Sykes suggestion and running with it.

    Gay marriage doesnt destroy marriage, divorce does.

    Relax, it wont pass. Married people hate each other too much to fuck themselves out of the only legal exit like that.

    Edit: Alright dude, thats totally a parody site for mocking the gay marriage ban. They're just taking these "traditional marriage" asshole's words to heart and following it to their natural conclusion: if they were so worried about the "sanctity" of marriage, they'd ban divorce.

    Pretty funny shit on there, though.
  3. It definitely wont' pass. Even if the voters passed it, no court would ever uphold it.

    Perhaps it is a parody, but it appears to be legit enough to be covered by CNN, ABC and various other news organizations.
  4. LOL, like that would actually make it on the ballot.
  5. Yeah, that site is absolutely hysterical.

    "I know that the real motivation of the people who supported Prop 8 was to protect traditional marriages, which is why I’m sure their support for protecting traditional marriage will not change — even if this time it’s their own rights that are being curtailed."

    Quoted for fucking truth
  6. I wish my state had a ballot & initiatives process. :(
  7. You know you dont mean that
  8. California gets crazier by the day.
  9. As much as I hate Democracies...the people of my state (CT) support decriminalization. The bureaucrats and politicians do not.

    Our court ruled in favor of gay marriage, and I think the people support that too.

    Local democracies are chill, California is just too big... I think.
  10. Marriage services being offered by the state should be illegal. And the tax cuts that follow. And any other way that government interferes with marriage. That way, this issue about divorce, gay marriage, and any other marriage issues wouldn't even matter to anyone.

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