Divine Intervention

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  1. Well i dont actually believe in a god, but i call it divine intervention. My story goes that i have this jacuzzi in my backyard, and this jacuzzi was my designed smoking area for a long time. One night, i roll up a J, stick it in my maglite (great place for j's, waterproof, airtight, crushproof) and quietly exit my house to blaze in my hot tub. So pull out the j, put it in my mouth and grab my bic. I spark the bic a few times but no light. I spark the bic over and over but nothing. I shake it, and theres fluid but no light. So as i get up to sneak back into my house for another lighter, the j falls into the jacuzzi. I manage to save the bud but now i think, well im really fucked. Little did i know that my dad locked the back door without seeing me in the hot tub. So i politely knock on my sisters window for her to let me in, knowing if i was high i wouldve been caught. I see it as the universe telling me not to smoke, maybe not actual divine intervention, but i found it interesting to think about the next day. Anyways, feel free to post any wierd stories you have like mine.
  2. i dont really think this has any sort of divine relation.....just coincindence.
  3. Yeah but my lighter worked fine the next day, and yeah maybe your right i just thought it was an interesting story.
  4. Lol there's a pretty fun flash game called divine intervention
  5. Easy solution is to not toke at home i mean if anything should scream that message to you this incident should lol
  6. so wait, you were afraid of getting caught stoned yet you smoked at home outside in a jacuzzi?
  7. Listen to your gut man.... I brought some ganja 2 weeks ago, rolled a joint and as soon as i was about to go blaze my dad pulls in the drive way.

    Later, i go try to smoke again, and my dad asks if i can help him out. Again, i hid the joint.

    Finally, when we got back home, i go in the back, blaze, and he catches me.

    Maybe the universe was trying to tell me not to smoke, or just pure coincidence....but i think it was the universe :smoke:
  8. I don't think the universe is going to do magical shit so u won't get caught smoking by ur parents

    That's incredibly narccisistic and lame
  9. Well it was at night and i thought my family was asleep. And ok you can tell me im narcisistic, but thats how i feel about it. Call me stupid, but if youve ever got that kinda feeling itd trip you out too.
  10. And what im trying to say isnt that the universe wasnt trying to stop me from getting caught but maybe that i should stop smoking altogether. But oh well, :tokin
  11. That kind of stuff has happened to me before too. For example, I once was home alone and rolled up a joint and was about to smoke it, but I decided to go to the bathroom first before going outside and smoking it. As I got out of the bathroom, my family pulled into the driveway. If I hadn't gone to the bathroom first, I would have been caught outside smoking.
  12. Yeah did you get kindve a wierd feeling about it? Like maybe it was a little
    more than coincidence?
  13. Someone or something has been watching for longer than you've known. Trust me.
  14. Someone? Explain :thanks:

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