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  1. So I was put on the diversion program about a month ago (08/17/17) and would like to know if anyone in INDIANA or who has been on diversion, knows a little bit more about the drug testing? Is it every month, is it random? I'm not sure but please let me know. Again this is the Diversion program not probation.
  2. Wrong forum but I'll bite...
    I was on a diversion program back in 1996. It sucked, the test some people every week and other people not at all. I abstained from ganja, alcohol and other unmentionables because going to jail would filing suck.

    It is random but everyone was tested the first day at and the last day at a minimum. This was in Oregon as well so take it for what it's worth.
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    I was on a diversion program in Arizona back in 2008 called TASC. It sounds really similar, here's what it was:
    - One "class", about 2 hours where they explain the details of the program and what you can / can't do.
    - Weekly random testing, I had to pay (it was like $28 per test). Specifically, I was assigned a color name, and I had to call a phone number every morning Monday thru Friday. If the color was mentioned on the pre-recorded message, I had to go give a urine sample that day before the facility closes (I think it was 8pm).
    - No alcohol, no matter what age you are. They can detect it in the urine if it was consumed recently.
    - It was set for 6 months, but I was released after 3 months for every test being clean.

    It's expensive, but you'll get through it! I smoked tobacco as an alternative to herb during that time, but I don't necessarily recommend that.

    Additional details
    : In my program, people were allowed to fail once or twice but it would extend the period that they were in the program. There was a fine associated with the "crime" itself (simple possession) which was like over $1000 if I remember correctly.
  4. Diversion programs "usually aren't that invasive". The main purpose is not to get new charges. I was on one for a year paid my fines off got off in 6 months...never got popped.
  5. Not from Indiana and haven't been on that specific type of program BUT from what I've seen/experienced they generally go on a case by case basis. Just kick ass, do your thing, be good, and they'll see. Like how some of the people above me said they got done earlier because they were good and clean. My probation people tested me only a few times because they just didn't find it necessary after a certain point.
    Sorry i couldn't really help/answer your questions tho, best of luck OP
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