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Could you ditch your cell phone?

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  1. in a heartbeat, it is a ball and chain

  2. no way, i am totally addicted

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  3. maybe, let me ask my mom

  1. I finally committed to dropping my cell phone service. A little background; I grew up without a telephone. Back when party lines was all we could get out in the boonies. No thank you snoopy neighbors. Then when in high school they made private lines available to us. That was nice. You could call or answer when it rang. No caller ID so it was always exciting to answer the old rotary phone with the heavy coiled handset to see who was there. Lay in bed and talk until the hands went numb. About the time tape recording answering machines came out so did the keypad touch tone phones, still corded of course. Man what an improvement! Then sometime in the mid 1980's I bought one of the "new" mobile motorola bag radio phones. Damn the roaming charges and the sheer awkwardness of the magnetic rooftop antenna and the shaving kit size of the thing. What a boat anchor and cell towers were few and far between. I still have that old relic. hahaha.
    So fast forward to the turn of the century. I had a few flip phones from various carriers that were always overcharging for service and out of their service area most of the time. Still roaming charges for the rural areas I traveled. Then about 10 years ago I tried the tracfone service. It fit me perfectly. Eliminated the roaming charges and provided a plan that didn't bust my balls. Then the spam started. I'd get more unknown callers or just kids looking for someone that I never knew. This was after years of having the same number. Seems a lot just wanted to chat even though they had no idea who I was. Sorry I'm really busy.
    Then I got into my 50's and couldn't keep track of a damn phone. It was always left somewhere or falling out of my pocket. I had one skidded across the interstate while out on the harley. Never did find that one. Now I'll lose them under a bale of hay, or while out in the boat. Several have gone through the washing machine. I see the trend. So I finally decided to go back to a land line and kiss the cell phone goodbye.

    It's been almost a month now and DAMN it feels so good.

    Leave a message after the tone. You might actually enjoy the freedom.

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  2. Haha...we moved out to the country in the late 70s and the only phone service we could get was a 2 party party line...I think our ring was 2 short and one long...could always hear other people pick up when we were talking.
    Couldn't live without a cell phone now.
  3. You know, there are not a lot of situations where having a cellphone would really help you, but you know damn well that now that you have started going without one, those situations will begin to arise with alarming frequency. This is life. Fuckin duct tape a cellphone to your back or something but you should probably have one, moreover if your in the country side.
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  4. I wouldn't be able to have the job I have w/o a cell phone. 30 years ago ....yes....however today I would be up shit Creek. By the way I'm over 50, don't know what that has to do with loosing phones though.

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  5. I don't get how people constantly lose their cellphones..

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  6. Well mine has been like the song 50 ways to leave your lover. And don't even think about the chargers and the earbuds, the cases and adapters. [​IMG].

    So far I'm still loving it. I don't miss one bit worrying where it is or if there is a message or email. I was watching some people today and all they seemed interested in was staring at their phones. Not talking or communicating just together. This little kid maybe 5 or 6 years old walks right by, no eye contact or any since he'd passed me. And then his dad right behind him on his. Like they were in a trance.

    I'm just saying how liberating and clean it feels. Like listening to the birds and watching the skies and countryside. It's really nice.

    Thanks for taking time to reflect and respond. It's all good man. [​IMG]
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  7. I don't have a cell signal where I live so I have a land line, but I have a four-year-old Tracphone I bought from Wally's for $14.

    Most of the time I just using it for texting bitches.

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  9. Pidgeons

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  10. Cellphones or mobiles as we call them over here are a pain in the arse.

    I hark for the good old day's when you could go drinking on a Friday night and come home Sunday afternoon with a "I'm so sorry baby but I had no way of contacting you" story.

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  11. i grew up without having a mobile phone but i am sure glad i have one now. i conduct most of my business on the phone and if i didn't have one, my productivity would go way down, and I would probably lose my job.
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  12. I sometimes wish cell phones were never invented but then something comes up to remind me how wonderful they are. I wouldn't get rid of mine but I'd sure go back to when a phone was only a phone. And fuck texting.
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  13. I dig my phone, but I'm not on it like a lot of the kids I see nowadays. If I go out with people and they just want to sit on their phones, I actually get snarky. Like dude, if you want to text people, that's all good, just add me to the list of those people, I'm not wasting my time here.

    Don't really have a reason to not like them. I don't really use FB or IG or any of those apps that much, except for the occasional post for my GF because she likes that kind of shit.
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  14. Git with the times!

    Lolnobut seriously.

    Its like a rabbit saying he wished owls never evolved. As if wolves.weren't bad enough.

    Adapt to the world. Don't protest it

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  15. Not to mention weed whenever wherever

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  16. You're full of wisdom today. Maybe wisdom isn't the right word.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. The main use of my cell phone is usually to pipe music to mine or a friends Bluetooth speaker. It's nice to chill with a toke and a beverage while blasting some good tunes.
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  19. Came to a compromise and ditched the smart phone for the cheapest, most basic Nokia I could find. Saves a chuck of money while also providing everything I use a mobi for: calls and texts. And keeps the external surveillance to a minimum.

    There are a couple drawbacks like no music player or local maps at the touch of a button, but instead can use an mp3 and just ask folks for directions/old skool maps. Pretty liberating not to have all these what'schatbooktwittgram in my face all the time.
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  20. I went without one for 7-8months last year, it didn't both me except when my car started acting up during my 35min drive on back roads when windchill was -15f. Also, I don't have internet aside from my phone so it was an adjustment.
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