ditch weed an grade A males!

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  1. We r goin to take your guys advise and start putting good males in with all this ditch weed around here an start the ditch weed revalution.We thought y jus kill the males when we can try an make the ditch better.I would like if every one who has contact with this hemp, try an get some good grade A males out there! If any 1 does this please keep me posted with info an pics ,as will i.Im very exsited to see what is goin to happin and how it might turn out in the futchure.I got a nice little crop this year a im hoppin 4 sum males LOL.BEt u w never thought u would hear a grower say that! Keep me posted if u plane to help....
  2. All I got from that paragraph was that you are starting a revolution of putting hemp in a ditch and are growing 4 plants which you hope to be all males.

    Try using better grammar and making more sense...
  3. He also said something about a plane,
  4. he basically said hes gonna take his males from his grow and place them with the ditch weed out in the fields to cross polinate with it to make it better. You'll have to do this for a few years though im pretty sure to make any difference. but its not a bad idea in theory.
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  5. srry was in a rush really to explain.IN the mid west(US) there is millions if not billions of wild hemp plants that grew as a resault of the hemp farmers that grew it as part of the war effert back during the world wars. its all over now.i saw alot of people sayin that cross polinating would be the thing to do for the future gen.The whole excitment would to watch it evolve an change and know that u was part of that. I jus wanted to know if any 1 interested to leave comments and view pics of progress.i took some pics of some of wild 1's to day,but my came wont let me for some reason.Im tryin to transfer em over to other camera.Im starting a grow jern.in a few days.
  6. lol I throw all my discarded seeds near a pond where I fish every year,bout 8 years now, even though it gets pollinated and such , it still turns out to be pretty decent smoke if you weed thru the 1000's of seeds in the buds. we use it allot for fires at night when fishing :p keeps the bugs away cause they are too stoned maybe.
  7. Y dnt u try and take care of some.Weed the males in a decent circle around it,water and sume nutes?
  8. Man threads like this are bad for my head. Peace to all...but goddamn.
  9. If i were you, i would get some quality seeds from a seed bank and grow them reguarly and when they show sex, take the males out. Keep growing the females for some really good bud. Then take the males out to the ditch weed and put them in that. Be sure to get some really good seeds with very high thc content, that way there will be a good bump in the thc. :smoking:
  10. Worth a try lol. Are you intentionally spelling like that?

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