Disturbing things that you've seen?

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  1. What are some things youve seen that you can never forget b/c they're so disturbing/graphic/etc.

    - Saw a lady dead at the wheel on the highway after being rear ended by a truck. When I drove past (traffic was moving slow at this point) I saw the truck that rear ended her car, then the lady in the car dead with her head on the steering wheel. The horn was blowing and everything. Very disturbing. Read about it the next day in the paper.

    - Walked in to my buddies bathroom when hanging out at his place to see his cat dead on the ground.

    - Saw a soccer goal fall on a girl during a soccer tournament when I was younger. She ended up being paralyzed. The whole scene with people crying and the ambulance really messed with me b/c I was only 7.

    - South Africans being murdered in a movie about Apartheid in South Africa. It wasnt something that I saw with my own eyes but the scene in the movie was haunting. Watched the movie in class in 7th grade. I felt uneasy for the rest of the day.
  2. 1. A dead guy on the highway. Motorcycle accident.
    2. My dad...that had been dead for 2 years.
    3. A micro penis.
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    blue waffle

    2 girls 1 cup

    3 guys 1 hammer


    there was a thread about all the sick shit on the internet somewhere.

    oh yeah dont forget BME pain olympics, thats a must watch.
  4. I was in Egypt and saw a man get hit by a car and killed on the highway. It's one of those visuals I will never get out of my head.

    Seeing child prostitution in Thailand was also pretty disturbing.

  5. That is fucked up to say the least man.
  6. If were talking real life shit, ive seen:

    -a cab driver get shot in the back of the head, and then the aftermath
    -a man that was run over by a truck, with his intestines in the street and his head crushed
    -3 people that were stabbed, 1 of them with a cut throat and blood gushing everywhere
    -a woman completely engulfed in flames, with her skin boiling and falling off (she lived)
    -a 5 year old boy inside a burning house screaming at the top of his lungs for his life as he died (didnt actually see it, but those screams haunted me for a long time)

    if were talking internet shit:

  7. Well I grew up in a poor part of the city, so I saw a lot of shit. When I was about 14 I heard a gunshot, so I started running home. I was scared shitless I was trying to hide behind trees and shit making it home. Right before I went in the door something caught my eye. I saw a few people piling around down the street a little way. So I went there, and I saw a dude dead. Shotgun kill.

    Hmm, I saw a puppy get its leg broken and abused (don't worry I dealt with the kid). That was some of the hardest shit. I'm not an animal lover, but when I see a dog or something getting abused man it just pisses me off beyond belief.

    I saw a cop fighting someone. I dunno who was in the wrong, but I just saw it happening and the cop tazed the dude, and I don't mean once or twice, he got the dude on the ground and tazed the shit out of him.

    Dunno how much to post here because I really only have violent disturbing things.
  8. saw a bunch of skin heads jump and brutalize one of their own for dating a black girl :( I hate skin heads
  9. Saw a guy die on the operating table. They had to stop his heart while they finished putting a pacemaker in. They couldn't get it to start again.
  10. a dead girl than had been underwater for almost 2 weeks. Pictures a detective had that were all of murder victomes, like blown off heads and shit. My mom in casket when i was only 11
  11. I saw a video of some terrorist dude that had a white guy tied up with a bag over his head, then he took a saw, a normal wood saw, and sawed the guys neck up to his spinal chord. The guys body was still breathing, and you could hear the wheezing from his breathing out of his neck. Highly disturbing to most people.

  12. you saw the ghost of your dad? im not questioning that you saw him because i believe in ghost and spirits. but like where did you see him , by your bed or in your house somewhere?

    and lmfao@ you putting micro penis .
  13. I had my old babysitter when I was 5 die in my arms.
    Drive by. That sucked, I just remember going over to
    grab him to help, but he was shot at least 6 times and
    there was blood all over the wet concrete from rain.

    Also when I was the same age, a friend of mine died in my
    house, no one ever really told me how or why she died...
    but I think it was from drinking this liquid wort medicine I
    had on my dresser...I remember the bottle rolling out of her
    hand onto the floor...after her body was taken, she was
    never spoken about again. At the time she was my best
    friend. I kinda blocked it out at the time but I remember it
    as clear as day. Tales from the Crypt was playing on my
  14. Saw two Mexican teenagers beat a stray dog they found to death. The noises from the stray were probably the most disturbing. It lasted for a total of about 8 minutes and the dog didn't die until the end. The teens had two big pitbulls that also tore the stray apart. The stray dog tried to crawl away with a broken back multiple times only to have one of the kids grab it by its tail and slam it to the ground. Still it didn't die. The two pitbulls, with their massive jaw strength, bit and locked down on the stray dog's neck. It was whimpering and crying but it still didn't die.

    That scene will unfortunately be imprinted in my mind. I would have no problem castrating people who do that to animals, and stick a 12-gauge in their mouth.

  15. hotel rwanda?
  16. ye i remember that it was all over the news in mexico the boys were almost lynched
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    The block I was born in struck by third world poverty, and children naked because of their situation.
    A gangster throwing a machete at another and hitting his arm.
    Locals gathering around my house for spare change and perishables.
    A drunken father beating his family.
    People cooking as if they were camping, because they can't afford a stove.
  18. It's a little known fact that South African Apartheid took place in Rwanda.

    Anyway... I saw my grandpa dead when I was 10 years old, saw someone cut the tail off of a cat when I was a kid, saw a kid almost bleed to death when he fell through a glass door, saw a little girl (couldn't be more than 5 years old) that fell victim to a battery acid attack.

    Probably more but I guess I blocked it all out :(

  19. Yeah, it was in Tepic. Any idea what ultimately happened to them?

    I know they were under police protection after receiving death threats (a lot from 4chan users). I remember people offering their "services" to travel south and deal with the boys for donations by the users.
  20. Hahaha, funny story with the micro. About my dad yeah I did. Well I was living in France but my dad died in the Ivory Coast, two years later we go there for the summer and we're on the freeway. I look around and in this one red car there was three men in the back. To this day I have no doubt the man in the middle was my dad. He was wearing a long white, for lack of a better word, 'dress' that men wear in the Ivory Coast. He was just staring at me. And I just stared back, thinking I was hallucinating. Until we just lost each other in the traffic. Pretty intense.:smoke:

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