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Distinguishing difference between weed and skunk

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Little Bear, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Okay, so about a month ago I got an eighth of weed, and I had never smoked anything properly before. I rolled up a shit joint with regular green rizla and the roach took up about 1/3 of the joint and I packed it reasonably tight.

    I smoked it and felt awesome for about 10 minutes, then afterwards I felt like I had just woken up from a bad dream and realised I was pacing around my room in circles describing how I felt to my friend, and I kept feeling like I had just woken up from a bad dream and I had to really think to feel conscious, it was effed up. I had a few panic attacks and a general feeling of paranoia throughout the high and it was the worst experience of my life.

    Anyway, the point of this is, I still have about 1/3 of it left and I definitely want to get high again, but I'm scared it might be the strength of the weed that caused the bad experience, so is there a way to tell the difference between skunk and weed so I can get something weaker for next time, OR, does anyone have any similar experiences or know what I should do etc.

  2. One smells good and one stinks bad..
  3. Wait, so you have 1/3 of the 8th you bought?

    Skunk is just a type of heads, or dank if you will.

    Just try smoking less weed next time, it you smoke Tobacco take about .1-.2 grind it up, mix with tobacco and roll up a spliff.
  4. dude you smoked way too much. Your tolerance is low and it should only take you about .2 - .3 of a gram to get high. Buy yourself a pipe so you can smoke smaller amounts, or only smoke half of the joint at a time and put it out. Even if you dont feel it right away give it 10-15min, it will kick in.

    Honestly...1 good hit of dank gets me feeling good and I have been smoking daily all summer and this fall.
  5. Yes like someone just said.. Skunk is just weed that has a bit higher potency than your average weed. Easy solution is to smoke less. Try taking just one small puff and wait 5 minutes and feel the weed going into your lungs and your brain and analyze whats happening. Then you will know if you feel comfortable to taking another hit. Just take it slow so you can stop when your feelin alright. You just have a low tolerance for weed right now and its going to be trippy for you so ease it...
  6. Shitif your sayin u smoked around a g of potent weed your first time then hell ya you should've gone insane like you did. I only blew a couple bowls of mids and I was high as shit my first time. Now about .2-.3 o dank gets me pretty lifted.

    jus take a hit or two seehow u feel for bout 5 min then if your not good then repeat to avoid a panic attack.
  7. Like everybody else says, you smoked too much OP.

    Take it easy, smoke less next time.
  8. I forgot to mention I gave my older brother a few nugs to get his opinion of it as he is an experienced smoker, so I didn't smoke 1g in and 1 go. I was also with my friend at the time, but he only had about 2 tokes.
  9. I think you just used way too much of it. I'm a new smoker and 1/8th has lasted me 10 sessions or so.
  10. I remember when I could go that long on an 8th.. I've smoked for about a year now everyday.. couple hits of mids still get me pretty fucked.
  11. I relate. :smoke:
  12. if you're a new smoker don't smoke a large amount. keep it really small at first so if you react badly to it/it causes problems for you you'll know it and it won't be so bad. keep away from it for a few days, but in a few days take 1 or 2 small hits from a small pipe, not a whole joint:p make sure you smoke with people who know what they're doing as well.
  13. Haha after the 10 minutes of "feeling awesome" the real high actually kicked in and you got mind fucked by some skunky skunk, loolsloolslools

    Next time just smoke 2 joints back to back and you won't be so paranoid..... :rolleyes: :D

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