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  1. I'm working on my first grow now.... It ain't the best but it sure as hell got me a whole lot more interested. Think she has 20 or so days to go.

    Now I'm thinking I need to step my game up a little. I wanna build a new grow cab so I can scrog enough plants to completely supply myself. Most of the time I don't smoke more than a quarter a week. Originally I was wanting this new box to be 4.5ft wide 2 feet deep and 4ft tall, but now I've gotten myself so confused. I was gonna split it down the middle to have a veg room and a flower room. The veg room would have 6 27w cfls, and the flower room would have 4 42watts and 2 27 watt cfls. To avoid having to transport the pots with the screen being in the way I was thinking I could veg until my flowering plants were complete then just switch the bulbs at night.

    Now for the questions:
    I want to add another room to the box for one mother, probably white russian for now.
    What kind of dimensions would I need for that room?

    Do you think 2 clones harvested every two months could produce enough for me under ideal conditions in ma box? Or should/could I put 1-2 more plants in that 2'x2' screen? Could I fill that screen up with just two plants?

    I'm also pretty stumped on what to do about ventilation.

    Still got weeks (Maybe months) to go till I start so any and all help is much appreciated. My first box hasn't worked out the best so I wanna do this right the second time around.

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  2. I would be a little more concerned about your plant... look at the lower leaves... their super light yellow... I remember reading about salt buildups or nitrogen problems or something with soil... i believe you have to add something.... i'd look into that bro.... its in the stickys... coco... i believe i read it there.. while its a coco grow... that was exactly what they showed as a problem.... ill start looking for you...

    please someone else chime in here with soil problems...

    and as a side note.... is your plant laying on its side? my head tilted for a second once the picture loaded....

  3. Yeah its my terrible job of tying her down. I got her when she was 3 or so feet tall, which is how tall that box is so I had to to tie her down somehow. Plus I didn't exactly plan on getting her when I did so I had to make do.

    Could temperatures affect the color of her leaves? It almost makes it to 90 some days.
    (Which I know is bad I just can't figure out a way to get them lower)

    I've got a better lighting fixture that I built out of pvc that I plan to use on my next grow, after I do test runs with it of course.

    I also had (Possibly have) spider mites which could be why? I've tried treating her with organic pesticides dilluted with water and a drop of dish soap multiple times but they never stay away.
  4. Hot shots pest strips.... six dollars at lowes... place it at the base of your plant.... well.. your plant is weird..... maybe suspend it close to your buds... but don't let it touch it... I believe it would be toxic to smoke...
  5. Great thank you [= I'll be picking that up monday when I get paid.

    Hopefully it'll work.

    Still no info on the cab thou ><
  6. I would just build all three grow boxes the exact same sizes... their pretty small and would be easy enough to cool.... I also have O.C.D..... so uniformity would look cool...

    and one or two plants would be perfect... rumple said in small spaces you can grow lots of crappy plants or one or two awesome one's....

    so could you make your box two feet wider?
  7. I wish I could borrow it but it would take 15 dollars in gas just to get to the nearest lowes and back ><.

    I could but I wouldn't be able to get it out the room unless its shorter than 5'8" cause of my hallway. If it really needs to be 2' for one mother I could do it. Do you think I could get away with the room being just a ft wide? I didn't think she would really need to get to big or does that affect the clones?

  8. 15 bucks in gas to get to a lowes... whoa.... talk about boon docks

    you could try it... as long as its a cool grow... you might be able to make it work... give it a shot... whats the worst that could happen
  9. Yeah I'm pretty far out in the middle of no where. Whole reason I'ma grow some outdoor plants next year [=

    Guess your right, as long as they veg and flower okay I'll be happy. Thanks for your help bud.

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