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  1. How far would you travel to meet with someone?
  2. i was goin to fly from australia to colorado one day...
    wish i did tbh
  3. The bar is half a mile away.

    About half a mile.
  4. i travelled six hours by bus to see my gf every other month.
  5. One of my exes was from oregon, I'm from IL. She flew all the way here to meet me:) (before we really started dating)
    I don't have money to visit anyone far but if I did, and I really liked them, I'd go where ever.
  6. 800 miles.

    Well tbh, I haven't traveled...I'd like to, but he's always
    flew to see me. I would travel however long I needed
    to damn it. If only I had money growing on trees.
  7. It just really sucks if they live too far away, but I suppose traveling the distance makes it more special since you savor every moment you spend with them.
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  8. i was going to travel halfway across the country to see a boy.. a 16 hour car drive. never happened though.

  9. Wow, that's pretty far! Do you still communicate with him?
  10. Never got myself into a distance situation, not about to.
    Like before we lived together I could grab a train to see her in about...40 minutes.
    So I guess I'm ok with that.

    I just don't think the distance thing works unless it's relatively short term temporary...I think a fundamental part of a working relationship is being near eachother, being able to spend time together as part of your everyday lives...not every single day, but more than "distance" thing...if work or study is what it's about then well, cool, but it shows that's where the priority is at, and this is where people do start to grow apart.
  11. I kind of feel like it's cool to try and keep relationships good with people, but it all depends on the situation. If its just your friend who lives far away, it makes sense to go see them on whatever basis, but love relationships are different. They usually require more time spent together, and I think long-term relationships don't really work because the other person just isn't accessible enough when you need them in terms of day-to-to stuff. Even though Marvin told us 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough....'

  12. How long did you guys see each other before you moved in together? yeah, that's true, you can't really connect with someone who is far away most of the time.
  13. Im in illinois, there is someone is Washington state who i plan on visiting, thats about the farthest right now.

    The soonest will probably be this one bladie in Virgina. :smoke:
  14. can you meet me half way?! right at the boarder line is where I'm gonna stay. anything farther than that, not going. If they come all the way, they're a keeper for sure.
  15. A wise man once said:

    " Its not the time you spend with someone that matters, its how you deal with the time apart"
    -Me, just now.
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  16. No matter what the distance is, if you both want it bad enough
    you'll do what you can to make it work. Sadly my situation is a
    bit long term, I'm already over a year in, with probably 1-2 years
    to go.

    Am I happy with it? No. It's just the way it is for now.

    I'm sure once the first plausible and responsible opportunity comes
    for us to be together, it'll happen. It still sucks, but I have trust that
    we have a plan and we'll see it though..

    Whoever said that you cherish your time more when you've been apart,
    has no idea how true that is to my heart. It's fucking painful.
  17. All the guys I fall for live out of state. I dunno man, I just don't know.
  18. [quote name='"gypsiesoul"']All the guys I fall for live out of state. I dunno man, I just don't know.[/quote]

    This happens to me. But with girls. All the fuckin time. I disagree a little with the thing about not being able to connect with someone far away. The connection can be unbelievable strong. But yeah it does put a strain on the relationship and after going so long without seeing each other you do sort of drift apart.
  19. I'm not drifting.... :(

  20. How far are you guys from each other? Do you get to see one another?

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