distance from plants to light during flowering

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  1. 2 weeks into twelve twelve and the ladies are lovely, i was wondering do i maintain my 12-14 in. distance from light to plant. 400w, climate controlled room, organic baby.....
  2. Keep the light as close as possible without hurting the plants. If you can keep the back of your hand to the light at plant-top height for 30 seconds comfortably then it's OK for the plants.
  3. yep, if thats as close as u can get while maintaining a good temp of 76-80 at the TOP of ur plants, otherwise expierment n see how close u can get. it helps if u have aircooled lights.
  4. thanks guys, im going to try and move it closer. I have had no problems up to date. i do have an air cooled light so does the hand test still apply, and if i can get withing 6-7 inches from tops without burning is that ok???? Would it be safe to say more lumens are better, or is there a limit????thanks again
  5. You should be able to get under 12" with a 400w aircooled, just remember the closer you get the smaller the light footprint.

    I run a 600w cooltube and can get to 6",but usually run aroung 9-12 for coverage
  6. Good information thanks.

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