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  1. How close should I place my plants to a small 1' wide stream? If placed to close could they drown?
  2. what exactly are you using the stream for ? theyl only drown if it floods man..
  3. O my bad. I hope to put them near the stream so I don't have to water them. The stream is on part of my property and it never floods.

    I just didn't know if the distance mattered much. If placed about 4' away could they still pull water from the stream?
  4. Perhaps a irrigation line with an auto drip system would be better? Use gravity to get water from stream to plants.. That way you can control the water
  5. nah that wouldnt work.. what you really need to do is cut the bottom of a coke bottle off sticky tape the bottle to some hose put the funell up stream and put your hose at the base of your plants with some drips.. or if there on you property just water them yourself.
    if your not up for some hard work growing outdoors is not gonna happen for you

  6. Isnt that what i just said?
  7. I don't mind watering them myself, i just thought it would be nice if they could take of it themselves.
  8. [quote name='"Pina cola"']

    Isnt that what i just said?[/quote]

    LOL you must of posted that while i was replying, when i wrote "nah that wouldnt work" it was to the op about putting his plants near the stream and not watering them.. how funny dose that read with ur reply in there haha.. anyway yeah a gravity drip thingo is probly best given the streams of good quality..
    op, no your plants will not just take care of themselfs man.. u gotta put alot of effort and that includes researching how to go about things or youl never get any smokable bud
  9. Is there a link on how to do this gravity drip thing, I've been confused on it.
  10. Yeah thats what i figured lol.. But its pretty fucking simple. Put one end of the hose at a higher elevation upstream and the other by ur plants... The rest is all small details that im sure u can work out.. If u want an exaple of what i mean, put a straw at a angle on the table, add a couple drops of water into the top. Unless u somehow fucked this up, which is pretty hard, the water will come out the bottom
  11. I believe you choose a spot close to stream because you can keep a bucket there and have unlimited supply

    ...so as close or far as you want to carry it I guess.

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