Distance for 300 watt led light from plant in veg

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  1. Hi could anyone please help me I've just started and would like to know the heights that the light should be kept at during stages,thanks:)
  2. They say 18 inches from the top of your plants.

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  3. I keep my leds at 18 inches in veg. 12 in flower.
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  4. If it's a 300w led light and it was under $100 chances are it's running about 130 actual watts. 300w represents how many led's are in the array like 60 5 watt diodes will make 300w but it's ran at less then half full capacity by the driver.

    130 watt led can get as close as 12 inches but you'll need a stout plant that is used to the light before getting it that close. I would start seedlings at 24" or more and work your way down.
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  5. Ok cool so while germination keep at 24 inches then veg lower to 18 inches then flower 12 inches is this right and would that make it crank lol
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  6. It is a little strain dependent. Watch for this leaf condition.
    curled up serrations on the outside of the leaves most times mean the light is too close.

    Sativa dominant strains can get much closer to the light in my experience. Some indicas are sensitive.
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  7. Hey Tbone yea it was a cheap one cost 100 bucks so what I just asked is that correct or what would you recommend matey
  8. Becoming a good grower among other things is a bit about learning to talk the language of the plant. The plant communicates what it needs by leaf color/posture and overall plant color posture, rate of growth, feed, ext. The more you learn the plants language the more you will be able to make it thrive.
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  9. Yep I threw you a like because I liked what you said. 24" for seedlings, maybe 30", 18" for smaller veg and 14-12" for full flower depending on plant. Watch for curled up leaf tips.
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  10. Cool and I guess you raise the light as it gets bigger?and always try to keep it at the distances you have said?
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    Closer in light distance as the plant gets bigger and closer in flower when the plant is more hungry for light, but yes you have to adjust to plant height as it gets taller. Distance from the light to the main tops is maintained.
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  12. Thanks mate champion
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  13. I read the same suggestion of 18". But, I was looking for a heighth with a 300 W full spectrum LED
  14. I’m new to the site and it’s an old thread but I thought I’d chime in with my findings. I would also like someone to challenge my POV and correct me if I’m wrong.

    I just got my IR gun and tested my leaves. They are a week into flower. I tested the top leaves of canopy and they read at 88 degrees. I know, way too high. I realized this was probably because of light intensity and how close the lights were. Moved lights up about 3-4 inches (about 17 inches from canopy top) and leaf temp went down to 84-85. I’m using 2 300 watt blurps. Growing in 2x2x4 tent in semi insulated garage. It gets in the mid 80s in the garage. I know it’s not optimal but it’s what I can do for now.

    Well, those are my findings and if anybody has any further insight then please, chime in. I’m still in the learning process but I think the IR gun is a pretty good tool for growing.

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