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Distance for 125w CFL

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Buddz 83, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. I keep coming across conflicting information with regards to the distance I should keep my CFL from my plants, both during seedling and vegetative stages.

    Anywhere from 2"-4" to 18"s. I've heard to put my hand in front of the plant and if it gets warm after a minute, its too close?? So the plant should not feel any warmth??

    I am using a 125w 6500k cfl and a 42w 3000k. They are currently 8"-10"s away as I decided to go with the average of the two suggestions.

    Box temperature is around 78 degrees. I am using an inline vortex 177cfm with only 8 total cubic feet. I am using a dimmer switch at the moment, and when I get my tent for flowering, I will be using the vortex between the two.

    This is my first grow and I have already made a few common mistakes along the way(Over fertilize, over water, crowded roots, inconsistent environment). So it is very hard for me to know if what I am doing is good or bad at this point, and shedding some light on this matter would be a great help! Here is a pic at day 20 from seed. 20!! HAHA I have seen twice as big after ten days! Poor OG, please don't hermie!!!:) Thanks.

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    Put your hand at the top of the plant and after a minute if its to hot for your hand then its to hot for your plant. Also if you only have one seedling going I would just use a lower wattage CFL for now, you can have it closer. You deffinitely stunted it`s growth because for 20 days it should be bigger.
  3. When you say "too hot for my hand", you mean, to the point where I have to pull it away, or just enough to actually feel the heat? I can't see these cfl's ever getting that hot??
  4. Well I dont use 125 watt CFL`s, I only use 26 watt daylight CFL`s or a T5 grow light and can have it within a couple of inches of the top of the plant so for yours it would generate a little bit more heat I would imagine so maybe 4 inches or so. Basicly if the top of your hand starts to get hot then its to close, just hot not where it starts to hurt or burn or anything like that.
  5. geez I can grab my 100/23w cfl's for maybe 15-20seconds if not longer....
    keep 'em just far enough to keep stretching down (3-5")

    is your 125w "actual" wattage or is it the "replacement" wattage?

  6. ....3 months later, it was actual... but that bulb is long gone by now:)

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