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dissolving while vaporizing?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mxhj, May 13, 2011.

  1. is it possible? If i had a metal jar that was enclosed with olive oil and bud and i put it in the oven at the right temp, would this collect the connabinoids effectively?
  2. i don't know man,i looked at some processes on making cannabis infused olive oil and they done it a whole different way,but your way could work too,i say you do a experiment and tell us if it turned out okay or not.
  3. use a Pyrex type baking dish (a few inches deep) instead of metal. Should work.

    Or a crockpot. WildWill has a sticky on tinctures I think.

    Old school stuff to make oil was to slow cook herb in water until it got dark, then remove the plant material, reduce the liquid until no water remains...dark oil is what was left. It worked well enough...:D
  4. I used cod liver oil actually. I added the cod liver oil from 4 pills (you're supposed to take 2 daily). I poked a hole in them and squirted the oil into the cup one by one. I only used about a gram of finely ground high quality bud. I put it into a metal 1/8 measuring cup. Next i emptied out the potassium powder from a couple pills i had to get them ready to be filled up. next, i simply put a match to the bottom of the cup until the mixture started to bubble. it smelled like a fish fillet! I'll eventually figure out by trial and error what works best, but i frequently let the mixture cool, as to keep the temperature from getting too high. When it's mostly brown then its done. Then let it cool and put the oil in the pills. I took one and its startin to hit now.
  5. much better than expected :)
  6. If nothing else, you got your vit. D for the day!:)

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