Dissolution Of Reality?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Praetorian, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Is there a dissolution of reality going on?

    If more and more media, propaganda, and virtual reality is introduced into the population, is it not inevitable that everyone will be 100% able to subscribe to their own version of reality?

    How do we interact with each other when that happens?
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  2. I dont think so, there will come a precipitous event that will shatter the status quo and the transhumanist path before us.

    Doesn't it feel like we are at a pivotal moment in history? Some shit is brewing that will not be held back indefinitely.

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  3. Something is definitely going on. May not even be one thing ,but a culmination of several things coming together.
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  4. The crescendo!

    'queue V for Vendetta'

  5. I do feel that these are strange times. For most of my life, everything has been going better and better, worldwide. From the broken Nazi bunkers I played around in, this sensation that the horrors of humanity had come and gone, and that we were wiser now, as a species.

    "We were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave [...] and with the right kind of eyes, you can almost see the high water mark, that place where the wave finally broke, and rolled back."

    My father tells me that he pities me, and feels guilt - that he has been born to live in the best place on earth, in the best time, and that what was handed to him by way of fortune and toil, will turn to dust towards the end of my lifetime, or that of my children. That we will have to maintain or suffer. That we may be in the trenches of some future terrible war.

    I feel the cynic growing
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  6. Reality is subjective I think. There are billions scattered around. That's pretty disoluted.
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  7. It is subjective. That's something I've had on my mind for years.

    What's different now, is that we are developing tools and approaches that allow that subjectivity to be developed and exercised more and more.

    With the rise of tech, people get to have their news, their media, and their virtual worlds.
    This appears to be a good thing for the further development of the individual, but it makes me wonder what that means for the group.
  8. It means we need to communicate our subjective realities to develop a consensus to work with.
    Without it we'll have an increase in us vs them thinking
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  9. As long as your reality doesn't affect me, I see this as a positive, but we probably agree that wouldn't be the case.

    This consensus reality is what allows artificial authority over us, when people stop believing that reality, it will cease to exist, but some wicked people have a vested interest in keeping that consensus reality in place so they can dominate their fellow man.

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  10. Yeah, they just need to sort out the holographic interfaces.
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  11. Exactly.


    This is where I think that if reality becomes tailor-made to the individual, it could only work if everyone accepts a 100% libertarian point of view, and no imposing upon another person's reality would be possible. This way, everyone is guaranteed eternal autonomy, i.e freedom.
    As soon as one person chooses to control another one, or their reality, the whole system collapses, and basic dominance takes over.


    I've been saying this since I saw Star Trek TNG the first time in like....1988.
    Holograms are an amazing idea to talk about. Major, major kudos to Star Trek TNG, for introducing them to the public so well.

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  12. Are the benefits to a consensus reality?
  13. What are the benefits? Idk if you noticed I said 'this consensus reality' and not just consensus reality in general. Point being, we can literally change reality, the direction we change depends on each individual.

    Having said that, Ill wait for you to clarify what you are asking if my clarification changes your question.

  14. I don't have much confidence in this field, so I'm not sure what I'm asking, either;

    I understood your sentiment about consensus reality (building a version of the world that everyone agrees on?) as something that can be used to control. A classical example being the German view of Jews in the late 30's and early 40's - Goebbels built a consensus reality that was used to control, and with horrible consequences, yes?

    I suppose I'm asking, if I understood you correctly, can that consensus reality also be used to unify, and progress? Conversely, can a non-consensus, individual reality lead to competing worldviews that lead to conflict?
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  15. That was my main point.

    Aside from fluffing ourselves about how everyone gets to have their own reality, I was interested in pointing out how this may be a problem when it comes dealing with each other.

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