Dissecting food with the mouth

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    Does anyone else do this? I break down food into individual parts when I eat them. Like I discovered that bananas are actually composed of 3 triangles with a semi-circle on one side, you just bit the end off, take another bite and kinda compress the banana with your tongue and it'll split into 3 parts. Or with twix I'll suck the chocolate off, then seperate the caramel from the cookie, and eat the cookie part last. With M&M's I let them sit in my mouth and then try to crack them in half and lick the chocolate out of the center and I'm left with a tiny candy shell bowl.

    Anyone else dissect their food with their tongue?

    and yes ladies, I perform awesome oral :p lmao i'm kidding
  2. The only thing I can think of that I do that with is Twix, the exact way you described it.
  3. hahah I was going to say the banana thing. I do it every time I take a bite :confused_2:
    But I bite the fuck out of dum dums. Lick lick, crunch lol
    So are you going to be in tennessee any time soon ?:ey:
  4. The reason Twix has layers of those things is because a bite with a little bit of each is delicious. You're wasting the essence of the Twix bar.
  6. Idk if its the same but when I drink water I hold it in my mouth for 5-10sec's before I swallow it.
  7. I do that if I have really bad cotton mouth and not a lot of water

  8. If you were a smurf, what are you now? Did you transform in Hyperspace somewhere? :D
  9. Those are really good to dissect lol

  10. perhaps Right after the bodily destruction :)
  11. Very interesting thread... hahah... yeah... I do that too with the chocolate above.

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