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  1. just like how some nerds do to movies. i feel as though we should have a discussion oh how he could have made this trolling the best

    i dont think he should have ever finished

  2. He did make the troll the best.. Wasn't it over 25 pages long? Now you are making a thread, about his troll!

    That's why it was a good ending, because he trolled you with the ending, while admitting it was a troll! ( by ignoring his second update)

    Budderurskillet, whilst I do think you are a massive dick for trolling everyone, I take my hat off to you.

    "This bowls for the trolls"
  3. i would comb this trolls hair. he did well.

    i too would like to troll some on to comb my troll hair
  4. Trollololololol?

    Hold on,

    What? Who? :confused:
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  6. He did a pretty good job with that thread.

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  7. fixed.

    feel free to resume.
  8. Epic troll :cool:

    He got me haha, and the ending was extraordinary
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    :combs silky troll hair:
  10. the next guy who post under me likes it in the butt!!!!

  11. ya, it was almost as convincing as my thread...

  12. you like it in the butt!!!
  13. Never saw yours, but mine was legit:smoke:
  14. [quote name='"Smokingmazda"']

    :combs silky troll hair:[/quote]

    For some reason this made me lol hard haha
  15. Epic troll is epic.
  16. what happened?

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