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  1. Before I start I feel that a little background information is mentioned prior to my feelings toward the MFLB

    -I researched vapes, "travel" vapes, and overall vape experiences and products for about a month in addition to vaping multiple times prior.

    anyways, I used my MFLB for probably about a month before it went to its current resting place, my dresser drawer for about the last 10 months. The initial novelty and "new piece/smoking/vaping device" feeling lasted probably about as long as I used it, a month, before going back to my gandalf pipe.

    I just never really felt like I was getting the most out of the different buds I tried in my mflb, (please remember I did a ton of research so I had my bud grinded up the right way and all of that jazz) The buds would looked like they had been baked in a small oven and a light vapey popcorn smell could be smelled from a few feet away.

    I ended up going back to my MFLB after about 6 months of non-use. I charged two batteries in the charger, and the mflb worked for about one drag before the battery seemed drained. Now I am not sure if this is a battery/charger/MFLB problem, but I have never had a good enough experience with the product thus far to care.
  2. buy some powerex 2700 mAh batteries or the power adapter :smoke: she rips
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    My experience with the MFLB is that it is the best in its kind for it's niche, portability. Personally I use my Da Buddha at home for those satisfyingly large vapor rips, and always get underwhelmed when my friends break out the flight for a smoke sesh in private. On the other hand, if you're trying to be stealthy, or get high in public, nothing beats the MFLB for the back of the movie theater or a bathroom stall.
  4. there is almost nothing better than an mflb, trench packed with kief, batteries fully charged, the high is crazy
  5. As Meebo said it's kind of a niche vape. For me it's perfect because I have a lower tolerance and smoke 2-3 times a week. I can pack a trench and have it last 2 weeks. Ive had mine for a little over a month and I've only had to charge 1 battery. I received the powerex 2700s with mine.

    I love it though. I was deciding between da Buddha and the mflb but until I'm vaping a trench a day I'll wait on the db.
  6. yaa buddy, people dont know what theyr missing out on!
  7. last year i would have wrote the same exact post as yours because that was my experience too. What i did to become addicted to using the mflb is cut out smoking completely and take a 2 week tolerance break. That made it so much easier to transition because you forget about how much stronger smoking hits and so youre more than happy with the effects of vaping versus being sober! After that i came back to it and got smashed off of one trench the same way a bong would hit me. And so i stuck to it and continue to enjoy it every day. Whenever i took a bong hit i would start to get the urge to smoke again instead of vape so thats whats going to fuck you.
    I recieved the powerex batteries yesterday and they really kick up the power of the hits, you get vapor faster without waiting and drawing forever, and instead of lasting one trench they last like 3 or 4.
  8. what battery u had before? I have stock 2400 and I dont see how much difference 300 mah will really make.
  9. It doesn't but you probably got yours off amazon? The batteries are old and not fresh. Its posted almost daily about that. Spend the 12 bucks on the batteries and you will like it. Most peoples problems are poor batteries. Cant understand why no one gets that.
  10. Should be the fml-b
  11. I agree I bought the MFLB when it was new, it came with brand new batteries plus a charger, and the PA was not even available. I'm not sure why someone would go back from vaping to smoking but for me it's the other way around and I haven't smoked in years ever since I got the MFLB. Also if you keep your tolerance low/non-existent you will get super high from it.

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