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  1. Sup everyone..here's my bowl display i threw together. Anyone else have something to show off?4✌0!

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  2. Evidently bowl displays are not a hot topic these days...
  3. ...i thought anyone who had more than 1 slide had a bowl display..right?
  4. Doesn't look like it [​IMG]
    Here's my box where I keep bowls, though.
  5. Thats really sick! But I just have one little 5 dollar bowl for my bong :p 
  6. I thought you meant slide/bowl holders, which I don't have.
    I do have a picture of my bowls in 1 shot.
  7. Heres my single holder i use when my waterpipe's in fridge. Picked it up at a Goodwill for $.50.

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  8. Well for one Chef, i don't like putting a bowl with herb in the fridge cause it will condensate . Secondly, when you have pieces like this amber illy hot hit slide that cost an arm & a leg ($75), you definitely don't want it to fall off of a counter and shatter. Yknow!?
  9. My toxic waste bowl was $99 and I let it drop, not intentionally, but it's dropped on concrete and didn't chip.

    I'm more careful now lol.
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    ive smashed all of them...so i quit buying them [​IMG]
  11. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1431894151.842871.jpg
    Just got this today, never had a glass piece before

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  12. I love making pipes, I sell them, but they're just plain fun to make :) what do you think?

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  13. That adventure time one is pretty awesome, I like how they're kind of peering into the bowl
  14. thank you for the feedback!! The adventure time pipe seems to be my most popular piece :)
  15. Wow, you really made them? They're totally awesome!! Great work right there

    I'd definitely buy one of those :p
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    My bong photo was taken on the shitter
  17. . Thank you! Id love to be able to make these all the time, but I gotta sell a few haha. If you ever wanna check out my etsy its www.etsy.com/shop/acidhatchetjewelry if not, thank you greatly for the compliment! I swear I could work for compliments if it helped me get more supplies hahaha :)
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    Is that ice what's inside lamdjecore?
  19. I've just checked it out, I'm in love with the undersea octopus tentacle pipe, but it looks like I'll have to save a bunch of money plus the shipping to Spain hahaha I wish I had the money right now to order it, really great job!!

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