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Dispesaries closing??!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mommaspice, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Just got word that our dispensaries are closing this Sunday. I live in So. Cal so not sure if it's all states ire just mine. I just know that I'm stocking up so I can out off going back on my meds for as long as possible. Sorry Liver, I tried my best. ;• (
  2. [ame=]Smoke DZA - SWV feat. Domo Genesis & Mookie Jones (Prod. By Lex Luger) - YouTube[/ame]
  3. there not all closing, chill.
  4. NorCal here-still raids going on up here too-
    In the meantime, it's wake & bake!!!
    :smoke: waves!!!
  5. Yeah, welcome to an article that was written in October of last year. It has absolutely no relevance to happenings now since it never came to fruition.

    On a side note, Harborside Health is still open, so its even more of a farce.
  6. 3 dispensaries up here were raided within the past couple weeks.
    But you gotta stop & think a minute-were they under compliance? What made the raids center on these 3?
    It's not always black & white. There is a lot of gray area where it comes to the law & state.
  7. Usually the ones raided are not in a proper area or don't have the licenses they need, a lot of them are closing up in norcal though but there are some still open for sure. Lot of people changing to delivery services.
  8. Get rid of this thread, man It's harshing my buzz.
  9. I'm sticking to the delivery service! They don't have a store to close!
  10. I hear you. Delivery rocks.
    Just stay in compliance & vote!
    Cheers! :smoke:
  11. In my opinion, the one of the greatest benefits of a storefront dispensary is the experience of walking into a safe store environment, talking to budtenders, and be able to smell and see the weed! As much as I like delivery services, it's just not the same. Delivery services feel like buying weed from a dealer.
  12. Delivery is the way to go now. With gas $4.29+a gallon, yup, they can come to me!
    My delivery is cool-they bring a couple of extra strains that they know I haven't tried yet, let me see it, sometimes, they'll leave a bud to try.
    It's a matter of finding that right collective & actively joining. There is So much stuff to learn about, not just mmj, but like minded people who want better than what America is offering us right now. Simple things like making our own soap, shampoo, etc. Plus you meet such a diversity of people!
    So people in mmj states, join your collective & get pro-active! Or just meet some really cool people!
    Wake & dab!!!
    :smoke: ; )

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