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Dispensary raided

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by BBBAllDay, May 17, 2010.

  1. When the dea raids dispensaries do they try to come back on the growers that sold to the dispensary or do they just fuck up the dispensary and arrest the people working in it?
  2. the DEA only raid dispensaries that they believe are committing acts of crime, i.e. money laundering drug dealing ect ect. When they raid the place its because they have been building a case for a while on the owners of the dispensary, they do take notice to people coming in and out especially if you have a backpack on (vendors). but they usually never pursue patients of the club including vendors.
  3. It's not unusual for them to offer deals to people they bust in order to get to their suppliers.
  4. id hide ur crops bro
  5. This is so completely untrue. How do you post such drivel?

    The DEA has busted many good people and legit patients.There are many ongoing cases. You might want to research this a little.

  6. i think the majority of the raided clubs prolly had illegal acts going on tho. I'm sure some really truely gooood dispensary owners got fucked over...but the majority prolly did something illegl, and it could be very small cause the dea is always waiting for a cannibus club owners to slip and do something illlegal, even if its the smallest of a petty crime... you know how bad the pigs already hate pot they will love to get a dispensary shut down
  7. Ive seen mom and pop weed shops get raided, totally legit didt even sell concentrates or edibles, JUST BUDS. with children, and self grew. Seen the kids taken away etc etc. Then theres these illegal shops who aren't only skimming they're selling chemical extraction hash (which is a no no) they have on site medication, people leaving suuuuper medicated they shouldnt be driving etc etc. and they dont ever get busted, infact some of the oldest clubs. Im pretty convinced people r getting paid off.
  8. Supposedly we're done with the DEA raids in California.
  9. Until it's fixed at the Federal level the threat will be there though. After the next election we could very likely have a new administration that feels different about the moratorium of busts on clinics.
  10. Yes, I'm well aware, however the Attorney General of the US has ordered the DEA to stop the raids.
  11. Yes that was ordered but the the new leaf center in antelope valley california was raided a month after. The dea dont listen to the president OR the attorney general. fuckin fag dea.
    Im convinced its because its the antellope valley and they have a mayor who used to sell cocaine and speed to fund his law school, then became mr big shot sue everyone attorney, came back here and used his money to buy his seat. R.Rex.Paris is as corrupt as it gets. Hes trying to fight marijuana so bad.. despite admitting hes breaking the 1996 MMJ law to do so, he just doesnt care, hes a nazi.

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