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dispensary qualifications in cali

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by vb757weed, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. What do you need to go through to open a dispensary in cali? how much is the license? what are the risks? what age? (18 or 21+)?

  2. k so i just got my medical card yesterday all it took was;
    1.set up an appointment with a mmj clinic. make sure the Dr. specializes in canabis
    2. go to the appointment tell the dr. why you would benefit from medicinal marijuana, he will decide and if u get approved theres a fee to process ur card. mine was 150. they then gave me 3 different copies of the physicians statement, and send you on ur way. they cant legaly tell you where the dispencaries are but its not hard to find on ur own. went to a dispencary for the first time and it was the best shopping experience ive ever had. they got their menu up on the wall and friendly and courteous. lol got a free joint for being a first time customer too:smoking:

    hope that helps
    some dispenceiarys are 18+ and some are 21+
    but all u need is a physicians statement and a id card to get into the store
  3. ok thanks man that helps too, but i was wondering about opening a dispensary like running one
  4. Don't bother, there are enough already
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    not only are there enough already (actually there are too many) but if you opened one now it would most likely (99.999999% chance) be shut down shortly anyway. Cali is trying to crack down on the fact there are already to many dispensaries, as there are over 1000 in the state alone. Oh yeah, and they cost somehwere between $50,000 and $100,000 to open, do you have that kind of money to throw away?
  6. If you're in LA county, its not gonna happen. I think that ship has sailed.
  7. Only Los Angeles CITY actually, there's still tons of place in the county that are unregulated. Regardless, you can't make any money off of clubs anymore, they all have to be non-profit. Doesn't mean you can' t pay yourselves, but the days of club owners driving Ferraris to work are long gone.

  8. as well they should be
  9. ok thanks. im going to wait i probably wont do it but if MMJ ever comes to VA, ima be one of the first shops

  10. :hello: woo! good news to hear!
    What county do you live in? also, how did you find a mmj doctor that specialized in cannabis?
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