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  1. Hello there,

    I am opening a dispensary in the NW suburbs of Chicago. The dispensary will have the following areas:

    1. Reception area: I am Thinking this room should be a 10 people waiting room with chairs, the receptionist desk and a coffee bar

    2. The dispensary area: I am thinking this room should be able to handle around 60 people at one time (when supper busy), display counters and 3 cashiers

    3. My office

    4. Storage area: where to store all the consumables.

    5. The Safes/vaults area,

    6. The buying room: where to inspect the product before buying it and weigh it.

    7. Packaging are: that is where to package the product into salable units.

    8. Staff area: locker and break-room.

    Can you guys toss some idea of how to size these areas to allow a smooth flow of operation? In another word should the Dispensing area be 3, 4 or 5 times the reception room? The buying area about the same size of the reception? How about the safes/vault area, the packaging and staff area?

  2. Hey I know a good consulting firm that would definitely help if you're interested?
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    Three cashiers don't sound enough for 60 people. I've been in a lot of dispensaries and the most I've seen in the buying area is about 10. They just constantly move people through.

    No time for coffee either. People get in a get out and that's what you want. Maybe a good cannabis book collection so folks can finger through pages while they wait. The bulk of your customers will be medicial even if it's recreational so don't base it on youth or hip culture alone. Remember, all the baby boomers are getting old. Just make it inviting for all.

    And more important than the layout is the workers. There is an excellent series for budtenders here: Budtender Sessions — The Cannabis Business and Science Podcast The best dispensaries are the ones that understand cannabis as medicine and you can also find a great cannabis science series here that I would make the budtenders listen to. It will greatly bring up the quality of your dispensary. OwlTail – Best Episodes of Periodic effects Cannabis Business & Science
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  4. I used to be a budtender here in Washington state. I actually got hired before they opened the store and they hired 4 gals, including me. They also hired two security/bouncers. The owner and his two friends were managers so we had 9 staff total as the bouncers also could use the register.

    The layout wasn’t a super large place and we kept all product behind counter so customers had to tell us what they wanted, rather than taking if off the shelves like in a regular super market. The back room was for storage and was the biggest room. The receiving room was for receiving deliveries which was medium-ish. Then there was a small office upstairs for the manager/owners computer and folders of paperwork.

    It got packed a lot - especially with sales/deals/events. But it was manageable. Lines always formed but that happens in all dispensaries.

    Really everything went well for awhile but the job did crappy because management went down the drain. Ended up just being another customer service/retail job. Working with cannabis was super awesome and I learned so much and loved free swag, but there will be those handful of difficult folks. Many older folks who “smoked weed before I was born” would complain about bud and compare it to their time. Then people around my age or younger want top shelf quality but at a discount price. I’m sure we can see that in any retail store with any product, so my best advice to you is if customers see you have happy management, customers will absolutely keep that in mind! Weed is a “good vibe” product and employees having that vibe is an upsell!

    LOTS OF FAKE IDS TRY AND GET THROUGH!!! A mom and daughter went in and we caught her daughters fake ID. Happened at least once a week lol.

    Oh yeah break room: Just a small kitchen with a fridge and microwave and a table in the middle.

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  5. That sounds like a good setup. Best of luck with your new dispensary and I hope you find great management. I bet that last job was hard and such a drag to see something potentially good go down hill.

    I think the only way to really make money is to start your own business. I used to run cannabis tourism in my town. I loved it but there were problems that I won't discuss here but it was fun for three years. I thought it might be fun to restart it up as a female tour only. I did a few bachelorette parties and they were so fun.
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  6. Now you see this is the kind of job I would just love to have. Working with cannabis.
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  7. Dont forget employee bathrooms.
    Id say just whip something up on paint, and make it a reality. Theres other programs to for exact measurements n such, but i dont know the names.
  8. You need a lot of space, the room where people are coming in to purchase should have a que line and there should be a small room with an administration style desk/ kiosk with a door to go in and a door for leaving customers to exit.
    Also you should have 6-10 bud tenders, and at least one manager.

    You’re looking at about 2500 square feet maybe less will work. But if they ever add the option on for dispensaries to cultivate you wont have enough room with 2500

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  9. Employee chairs or stools. Can’t stand businesses that have employees stand in one spot for 10 hours and don’t allow them to sit.

    Almost inhumane as economy class on international flights.

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  10. The med dispensary I go to in the Western Suburbs is definitely a lot better than the ones I go to in CA. They have a community table in the middle where people can get guidances, look through menus, etc. Therefore, I like your idea of a reception area. I could just go to the dispensary for a couple of hours and hang out if I wanted to. :)
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  11. Did your location get open?

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