Dispensary Crush...

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  1. I am in love. I preordered some tonic water (100THC/100CBD) and the lady helping me (about 5' 105) showed it to another customer in line as something she would recommend for a new user but advised to not drink the whole thing at once.

    I said I am a fairly new user and that a bottle of one of those would last me two nights and this tiny little girl replies "My tolerance is through the roof! I have to drink it all in one sitting!"

    Awwwwwwwwwwww..... that's beautiful!!! :)
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    I've had my crushes before lot of pretty women. Matter of fact I wouldn't say this was a crush but there was a very cute and kind of short girl (had to be mid to late 20s perhaps early 30s) at the store I work at today, she was shopping with her mother and she was hella cute. Glasses, black hair and kind of had a 1960s vibe about her but not in the hippie sense but more like just an average young woman living back then.

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