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dispensary bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lightgreenhay, Oct 1, 2022.

  1. pick up some bud from the dispensary
    it was kinda harsh not a back to back 24/7 option
    im guessing it was the ferts they used
    they did have keif would the ferts be in that as well?
  2. More likely bad / improper dry / cure / storage. Any of them can turn a great grown product into something undesirable.
    We have put to rest the ferts / flushing causing bad taste and I've long felt the dry was key to everything that follows. Get the dry right and you've won the game.

    Since Kief - Hash is nearly pure Trichome heads and stalks with 90% of the plant material removed it is usually free from the mistakes that flowers can suffer from.
    I work in dry ice Kief almost exclusively and while I can shorten and skimp on some steps I still harvest and trim the garbage from the buds and do a proper dry and 60 day cure before shaking the Kief off.

    Something is lost when I rush things to much. Like a fine wine or whisky it needs time to age for the best results.

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  3. Harsh taste, black ash, both have to do with moisture content, not nutes. Debunked bro science.
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  4. One of my favorite parts of the cure process is every few days taking out a tiny chunk of bud, hit it with the torch, see how it smokes, tastes, burns.

    If I can't "taste" the flavor of the smoke, take a massive bong rip without coughing, or the ash leftover isn't a nice uniform gray powder, the cure is not done (at least not to my standards, everyone has their own likes)

    Naturally this kind of quality control is hard to perform on large grows with hundreds or thousands of plants, unless you are just testing representative samples, also its not very cost effective from a purely business standpoint (as are a lot of things hobby growers like me do that would not be profitable at commercial scale)

    I've had bagged dispensary bud before that while dry to the touch was so wet inside the buds it was still snapping and popping in the pipe, naturally it also was hot and tasted like ass from too much moisture content.

    Nothing personal against the large for-profit farms, but sometimes, you get what you pay for, know your grower if possible imho.
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