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Dispensary blues

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Enjoyable High, May 20, 2023.

  1. #1 Enjoyable High, May 20, 2023
    Last edited: May 20, 2023
    Since the rec approved I have had the good fortune to be able to sample all types of 1/8 ths from exotic sativa , heirloom indicas, original landraces, and prized hybrids, however, I feel an embarrassment of riches bcuz I rarely ever finish an 1\8th before getting a new exotic strain. Really, this had been wonderful bcuz I can blaze up on strains that I had only read the lore of ; however, I only use about half up then I m out getting a new one. Sometimes the new one is a "staff pick", sometimes an exotic name and lineage that I was curious about, and even I admit sometimes just close my eyes and scroll and pick one. Only one time in twenty was I not satisfied--it was called 26mm sativa 1 g preroll it was trash threw it away after only using half of it.
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  2. What a problem to have! My dispensary never has anything like that. They grow all cannabis in house and it's mostly strains I've never heard of. I'd sure like to see some landrace strains.
    I like keeping different strains around to smoke long after I get them.
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  3. most on here have had the 'Disp-Blues' at one time, beat that and grow ya own, you never look back,
    and its in constant 'easy reach' thats what I like

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  4. What do dispensarys do with pot that does not sell well? I've heard they label it as "staff pick" to promote sales??
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  5. Op should just be happy to be in a legal state I’m still waiting for that … now just to find a job. :(:apache: Most the time I can’t even get high on the street weed.
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  6. If you’re only smoking 1/2 of what you buy before moving on to the next strain, seems like you need a friend to toke with!
  7. Why does the price differ so much at different dispensary, but the same flower type? I see $40 for 1\8 oz. Animal Cookies, but across town it costs $45. Any ideas??
  8. Ok, for the first time ever I just got some flower from my local dispensary that wasne worth a $h*T, this flower so called Baker dozens scratched my throat like brillo pad and it gave just a mild buzz which was way less potent than it's reviews touted. Yes, I know that different strains affect different brains, but I'm a normal neurophysiological person, frankly I think I got a bad sack. Which in a nostalgic way reminds me of the old days when my dealer would occasionally have a "bad bag".
  9. By what I've seen you post nothing gets you high, you're doing something wrong. It's probably not the weed.
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  10. *But that explanation fails to explain why in fact that most other strains of pot that I buy get me HAF. So its not me , it was "bad sack" they had.
  11. I wasn't talking to you I quoted ultramaxx he says in every post that he can't get high.
  12. #12 Ultramaxx, Jul 29, 2023
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2023
    It’s the bong my other one rips way harder regardless if it works or not. It must not work anymore .. I get a buzz on the beaker , get high actually using this instead of the older one . Maybe I’m too used to one it no longer works .
  13. Getting high from 1 bong & not another??? :rolleyes: It aint the bong that's broken, IMO. U sure have an awful lot of problems. :confusedalt:
  14. #14 Ultramaxx, Jul 29, 2023
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2023
    I don’t understand it either but I definitely got High using the beaker maybe it’s the significance of extra volume and the weed got hotter too . Weird right if I had just switched bongs sooner .
  15. Pre rolls are so overrated, I got a white 99 and it just burned up too fast from the ignited end. Maybe that's just the way shake burns really fast without much potent?

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