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Dispensaries open late in L.A.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by brody15, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Did about 5 searches on this topic, figured I get something. Anybody got any suggestions on dispensaries open past 10. I got a decent one near-by open till 10, but just curious if there's any open late late..... heard about one in Hollywood.

    I like my regular place, but ya never know when you go on that T break, and it's 11PM, and you're like fuck it, I need weed.

    I'm on a T break, and I'm like fuck it, it's 245 am, and I need weed. Not that I will leave my house right now, but..... can someone email me some weed, I'll get ya back.
  2. youll have better luck with a delivery service. but i havent seen any open past 10.
  3. Man, I was in a bad way last night. Desperate for some sleep, but with other things going on too.
  4. The LA City ordinance mandated that ALL dispensaries close by 8 or 9 pm (I forget which).
  5. Why not wait intill the morning you arent too far from it :(
  6. Probably isn't any but I'm sure there's a lot of hustlas open for business at those hours lol

  7. i think its 8. thats when all of the ones i regularly visit close. i remember before though how there were all the 2am dispensaries.
  8. Look for one of those 215 vending machines! But ya, all dispensaries close by 9.
  9. There aren't any vending machines. The one that was extant got hauled away by the DEA
  10. im pretty sure the last ordinance said all must be closed by 10. the 4 that i regularly go to and two shops that friends work at all close at 10.
  11. not 100% sure on the ordinance, but im pretty sure there arent any open past 10.

    as someone mentioned before, a delivery service might be your best bet.
  12. Really, that blows! But i always wondered how they could get away with it, seems like more of a liability than having a dispensary open itself. Imagine how often it would get stolen!
  13. Down in O.C. I go to a place in Westminster thats open 11-11 every day.
  14. I coulda sworn a local place stays open till 10, but I heard that a few months ago, so maybe ordinance changed? It's the SFV, which is LA City, but I tend to trust Wild Will on his facts.

  15. It wasn't open for long. And get this it had a 24 hour security guard watching it. You had to jump through a MILLION hoops to get a special card with your thumb print that would let you buy from it, and it was enclosed in it's own secured little room.

    And the DEA swooped down and hauled the entire thing off. Contents and all.

    It was less than a mile away from my residence and I know the guys who had the collective that was there BEFORE the new owners installed the vending machine.
  16. sunset super shop on sunset and san vicente delivers until 10 or 12 in a 25 mile radius.
  17. I am far from an expert, but while stumbling (the website not intoxicated) last night i saw an article about a place called KFC (no its like a legit dispensary im not being a d bag and sending you to get chicken) that is open till midnight. if i can refind the post ill link it up

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