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Dispensaries... Am I expecting too much?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PackersFTW, Jul 2, 2017.

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    First off, I've only been to 1 dispensary in IL. A good highly rated dispensary, but still just 1. I also have only tried out less than a dozen strains so far. With that said...

    All these years I thought dispensaries would have some Snoop Dogg weed that's so sticky you can just smash your finger into it and it would stick. You'd be so high that you'd be thinking about how much less you're going to smoke next time. And how you'll never be able to smoke regular street weed again. But of all the strains I've tried so far, I'm not impressed. Is it the best weed I've had in years? 1 of the strains by a small margin. And most of it is at least as good as what I'm used to, but I was expecting more.

    I feel bad saying this, like I'm ungrateful. As far as selection, price, and availability, it's amazing. And opening up 8 different kinds of weed at one time, it's awesome. Some smell and look like they have potential, but the high... I just thought that they'd have some ridiculous stuff. I have yet to try shatter, and won't for a while for multiple reasons, but where is the amazing stuff? Is it because I'm in IL?

    Anybody else with a similar/opposite experience?
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  2. Well I dont have any dispensaries here, but I do know what you mean... Ever since its been legalizing everywhere all sudden ppl here want a 100/quad... granted its alot "fresher" weed, but your right the high isnt crazy... Ive had 2 that did impress me tho.. couldnt tell you what they where because people here just throw random names on it that they have heard somewhere lol. One thing you might try is getting a grinder with a keif catcher and put it ontop of your bowls to give you a nice little boost. :)
  3. There is dispensarys like that. Just go to the same one in LA snooo get his bud from
  4. I wish I had known this years ago. I'd have been so much more content/grateful. Instead I kept assuming that I just didn't have the right connection, was unlucky, had a high tolerance, and/or didn't live in Cali -- we all look at California like some insane weed state, but if what I'm experiencing is any indication, it also might turn out to be overblown. Also that'd be silly if only California gets great weed.

    I feel like I've been climbing a mountain my whole life, looking way up at the top. In a happy way, like damn I'll be way up there one day. But now all of a sudden I realize I'm almost at the top. But how? Then I look down, and notice I'm not even that high up; the mountain turned out to be half the height I thought it was.
  5. The weed on the streets is diverted to the streets and also sent to the dispensaries.
    So whatever you're normally smoking that's not FROM the dispensaries is also gonna be found on the shelf at the dispensaries.

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  6. A less convoluted explanation is that the growers are selling to dispensaries and also to others who sell it on the street level or casual dealer level.

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  7. Another explanation could be the quality of the bud has gone up considerably since legalization. I'm pretty sure the mexi brick weed I was smoking was not 20%+ THC and as stated that same bud is available on the street. At this dispensary, is it tested an amount of THC shown? I've been to dispensaries where they'll have 2 of the same strain with diff THC levels....prob diff growers.

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  8. Yes, lab reports are very helpful.
    To test this theory (?) you could buy a strain from a dispensary and the same strain from your dealer level source and have that sample lab tested.

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    I was just talking about this in another thread.
    I saw a news show on utube how some growers are paying off the labs to have their weed listed as a higher thc than it actually test out.

    I believe it because I've bought weed at dispensaries that supposedly tested out at like 30% and it isn't any different than the weed that was listed as having 13-17% thc. I've gotten weed from grower friends that's way better than weed I've bought at dispensaries . Actually, most of the people I know who grow, refuse to sell to dispensaries.

    I looked on Leafly tonight to read all the menus for all the dispensaries here in my town. I wanted to get an Indica because I have way more weed than I can possibly smoke and it's all Sativa. This weed said it was 29% and it's not as good as the weed I already had.

    I have concluded that dispensaries suck. They are fine for these people who hardly ever smoke and then decide to go and buy a gram. They get really stoned and are very happy with the weed they bought. They suck for people who smoke a lot of weed all the time. Those people buy directly from the grower and get way better prices and can buy quantity. It's always cheaper if you buy quantity than if you just buy a gram or two.
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  10. all the amazing weed is in California. Nothing else comes close.......
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  11. LMAO!!! Snoop SUPPLIES the dispensaries...he does not buy from them!
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  12. I agree. But it does not necessarily come from a dispensary!
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  13. Good weed requires good growers. I imagine people are cutting corners like crazy atm, if nothing else...rushed grow cycles. More profit/Less quality.

    I only expect to be able to walk in and buy weed LEGALLY. Which is more than enough of a reason for me...even if they had dirt mids, I'd just make cookies and still be happy about it. I could get creme de la crem illegally and I'd still prefer not to have to have jail on the table and get mids.

    Didn't care about jail until I went. Now I've changed my tune, just a profound waste of my time.

    and be able to grow without going to jail for a year....these are pretty BIG factors for me at least.

    We're talking B to A- range weed though and I'm sure if you shop around you can find the hidden gems. HAS to be out there.
  14. Shhhh. I got the good stuff.
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  15. I just went to my first dispensary about 2 months ago, and where I live, the quality is very noticeably different than the street weed. And I've been smoking every day for 6 years, I thought my tolereance plateaued until I tried some "proper" weed.
  16. And if you think Dispensary weed is great..just try some properly grown and dry/cured homegrown!
    My sig says it all for me..LOL
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    If you buy tested herb from a good grower it should be as good as just about anything you can find from a connection.

    However, there are definitely private growers that can do a better job in that they don't have to be concerned with profit margins as much.

    It's still great to have the stores, even if all their herb isn't the best of the best.

    I'm pretty happy with the last eighth of Blue Dream purchased from a recreational shop in WA state, $10 / gram with tax, tested at 25 - 29%. Even if those results are a bit biased, I feel like anything over 20% THC is going to be strong enough.
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