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Dispell some stoner misconceptions HERE

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by anonymous911, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. One thing that I absolutely hate is that when people think of stoners, they automatically think that they are all good-for-nothings. Well lets dispell some of these preconceived notions by telling your most recent accomplishments. Here are mine:

    Graduated high school a year early
    President of 2 clubs in HS
    Inducted into National German Honor Society and International Thespian Society
    Have performed in over 15 plays throughout the 3 years of my high school
    Held constant jobs since I was 14
    Had a $40k+ job right out of high school at 17 years old (got laid off 'cause of economy)
    Now am in college as a German/Musical Theater double-major

    ^^all the while smoking regularly. I would slap anyone telling me that I am an overall lazy stoner. Shit, most of my non-stoner friends aren't even as accomplished as I am.
  2. It only takes those few to perpetuate the stereotype unfortunately.
  3. Will have my associates in the fall (I am 19)
    I am CompTIA A+ and Network + certified
    I go to school full time and work full time
    Ive held a constant job since I was 16, I have worked as a computer technician at Fry's Electronics and I am a co owner of a pizza place.

    I smoke a decent amount of weed (3-4 bowls a day) and I still have straight A's in all my classes. I like the idea of this thread.
  4. Vice President of the SAC in high school
    Editor-in-Chief of high school satirical newspaper
    Graduated highest standing (highest overall average) in high school
    Early acceptance + scholarship for one of the most competitive university programs in the province
    Maintaining 3.57 GPA (out of 4) in said competitive program
    Performed in professional Shakespearean productions
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    ya dm0ntok3 I hate that. I told a friend of this intense mental trip i had from some good bud (first vap trip) and suddenly a rumor started that i was into hard drugs
  6. I graduated high school a year early and I'm starting med school this summer
  7. well good for u guys, but im a freshman suppose to be juinior in HS and ive been smoking pot, drinking and eating shrooms since i was 12. Only thing im good at is computer hacking, wich makes me a loser i guess.
  8. You can't attribute that to being a stoner. Attribute that to your own lazyness.
  9. I had a 3.6 GPA in High School, Graduated with High Honors.
    Go to a good school and have a GPA of 3.54 and I'm a Chemistry Major
    Had a job for a long time until they didn't take me back over the Christmas Break.

    Smoke whenever I have the money for it.

    Not bad I guess?
  10. You guys having fun in your little circle jerk? :lol:
  11. Well I'll shoot my load in the circle as well.

    I carried a 3.5 GPA in High School, and I was approached to enter the Honor Society several times. I declined every time because I hated all those fuckasses and I didn't need Honor Society anyway.

    Even though I was a 5'6" 140 lb leprechaun, I still made 1st string outside linebacker on the football team, and was 2nd string full back.

    I competed in Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, 300 M Hurdles, 110 M High Hurdles, 800 M Run, and several Relays. I took District in Long Jump every year, and on my senior year I took 110 M High Hurdles at South State. Unfortunately I sprained my ankle at the 70 M mark and still finished, so that pretty much ended my athleticism for the next year.

    I was also pound for pound best in Power Lifting.

    I won the Town's annual archery tournament when I was in the 9th grade.

    Three years ago, I was training Mixed Martial Arts for 3-4 hours 5 days a week. I was the smallest guy in the gym. It's not easy training a combat sport with people who are bigger than you and equivalent in skill. I usually smoked before practice, and I feel like it opened my mind to see openings that I usually didn't notice. Eddie Bravo, a legend in the sport of grappling, has preached the same thing in his books.

    And while I'm on the topic of Eddie Bravo, you guys should check that fella out. He's a definite Cannabis advocate, even though he was "straight laced" when he was young. He is one of the foremost instructors of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the world. He claims that weed helped him develop his own style, which he calls "Rubber Guard". Rubber Guard is very effective and complex, and is a particularly methodical and strategic method of combat. Bravo is definitely a fine example for young stoners everywhere!
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    Lol junior? Does'nt high school go as such? Senior: 18 yr old, Junior: 17 yr old, Sophomore: 16 yr old, Freshman: 15 yr old. The only way you would be 18 and a junior would be to skip a year than fail a year.... fat chance on that. So... so sorry but gtfo.

    If this offends, im really really high right now.

    Edit... ok your not a junior i read it wrong. But still you are not 18 lol.
  13. Graduated high school with a 4.2 GPA
    Received a full academic scholarship to college
    Played varsity baseball for 3 years of high school
    Currently have a 3.9 in college

    Smoke every day. :hello:
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    Not lookin good! But, hey, at least you have computer skills. If you are really interested into computers, you could go pretty far with it. When I started smoking I owned a website, and made about $300 a month. Not much at all, but I was 16 or 17, plus I had another job, and in high school.
  15. Graduated H.S with a 7.5 GPA (out of 8, different system here, so i have a 3.25 GPA by American standards)

    Currently going to University of Victoria, studying medicine, where i'm maintaining a 3.5 GPA, and go to most of my classes high.

    I have over 10k in savings at 19 years old, and have held a steady job in construction(pays 20 bucks/hour, damn i'm lucky in this economy)

    I'm also in very good shape and regularly go snowboarding, wakeboarding, and tons of other outdoor activities, which dispels the myth that stoners are lazy:D

    Damn though, some of you have really gone the distance achievement wise, i mean i'm doing well for myself, but some of you have just caught the ball and ran with it:D
  16. It's stupid people who become stoners.
    Not stoners who become stupid.
  17. awesome on tha med school bro, mad props on getting in
    haha mines a lil backwards
    Graduated high school with a low GPA
    Didn't give a damn
    Wasn't gonna do nothing after high school
    Got in college
    Currently a 3.7 GPA
    And i'm doing my pre-med to be a doctor

    Weed makes you smarter :)
    Weed saved my life :hello:
  18. Agreed. Like not ever arab is a terrorist. that shit pisses me off.
  19. [sarcasticignorance]Pffft, whatever[/sarcasticignorance]
  20. Man, I hate to break it to you, but how good you do in school, how much money you make and where you go to college doesn't make you a better person. I'm not lazy at all. I work my ass off. I tend to move in and out of jobs within a years time (usually I make somewhere between $10-15 bucks an hour, that's right, no salary positions for me) and it has nothing to do with my work ethic it has to do with my mentality, and if I don't like my job I'm going to leave it. My happiness and sanity is worth more than some cash. But I won't rag on people who are content wasting their lives away to make a couple bucks.

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